Just because something can be done…

…doesn’t mean it should be done.

Disney researchers use passive UHF RFID tags to detect how people interact with objects
The researchers found that with their system, called IDSense, they could simultaneously track 20 objects in a room and infer four classes of movements with 93 percent accuracy. They will present their findings at CHI 2015, the Association for Computing Machinery’s annual Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, April 18-23 in Seoul, South Korea.

“An effective means of identifying people’s activities in their homes, schools and workplaces has the potential to enable a wide number of human-computer interaction applications,” Sample said. “Whether it’s reading a book to a child, cooking a meal or fixing a bicycle, the objects that we use both define and reflect the activities we do in our daily lives.”

Extensive research has also shown that by sloshing gasoline around a home’s interior and igniting it, one can observe how occupants interact with doors and windows.

You thought Internet-enabled refrigerators were bad? Now imagine that everything in the refrigerator is live-streaming that data. Now imagine your insurance company upping your premium based on your beer intake rate. Or that your beer bottle spends too much time in close proximity to your car keys.

Any bets on how soon we hear about the deployment in Disney hotel rooms?

-knock knock- “Maid service! Here’s your extra towels.”

“I didn’t ask for more towels.”

“That’s OK, ma’am. Our system detected unusually heavy and extended mattress use followed by a long shower, and all your towels used. So the computer automatically dispatched replacements.


“And you’ll pleased to know that the computer noticed your husband’s room key lingering by the pool, so it text messaged him not to disturb you while the bed was in use.”

FBI Demonstrates Firearms “Expertise” Again

Remember the “Beltway Sniper,” who the FBI was certain was a skilled ex-Army sniper, despite missing stationary, man-sized targets at 60 yards, with a rifle?

I thought that spoke volumes about the FBI’s shooting skills (roughly on par with the NYPD’s).

They haven’t gotten any better.

Pennsylvania Bank Robbery Duo May Have Military Training, FBI Says
Two men wanted in a string of Pittsburgh-area bank robberies may have had military or law enforcement training, FBI officials said.
The FBI said the robbers’ weapons-handling skills, including holstering their guns, show extreme precision beyond usual bank robbers.

Surveillance video from the robberies show the men holding their weapons with their fingers off the trigger and on the barrel of the gun (emphasis added-cb), a safety method taught to officers and military personnel.

Dear Bog, they have to be highly trained super-pros because they know to keep their booger hooks off the bang switches.

If they know the rest of the Four Rules, they’re probably Navy SEALs.

Or just smarter than the average Feeble Bureaucratic Incompetent.

Something’s Up

I’m sure other people noticed. But something unfortunate… appears to have happened today. Not being directly involved, I’m not privy to any details beyond… something unfortunate appears to have happened.

But watch this space. When I can, I’ll post more.

Hint: It may involve a notorious RKBA compromiser. ‘Nuff said. For now.

Update: Actually… don’t expect updates. I’m still not privy to details, but folks in the know — who have built up a lot of credibility with me over many years — say it’s being handled quietly by those directly concerned, and it may be a good thing for the RKBA movement in the long run.

If, repeat if, it’s what I’m half-assed guessing at, they’re right, I may find personally satisfying in addition to freedom-promoting, and outside interference might screw the pooch.

So I’ll shut up and let those who know what they’re doing do it.

I apologize for the premature melodramatic foreshadowing. We now return you to your regular programming

Sandy Hook Promise:: Victim Disarming Liars

Because we don’t have enough victims yet.


I’m a bit astonished that anyone in RKBA circles isn’t aware of the “Sandy Hook Promise” anti-RKBA agenda by now. SHP first popped up on my RKBA radar in January 2014 when they sent two stooges to New Hampshire to testify in favor of HB 1589 (universal preemptively-prove-your-innocence) and claimed — repeatedly — that UBC would have stopped the Sandy Hook shootings. Apparently they pretend to be unaware that Lanza murdered his mother in her bed and stole her guns. Or, perhaps, they think he would have paused for a background check before he left momma’s bloody body to head to the school. (Of course, HB 1589 would have exempted mother/son transfers anyway.)

They also thought — per testimony — that Connecticut borders on New Hampshire. [grin]

After that, I contacted them to clarify their positions, with several very specific questions. The only responses I could get were what appeared to be an automated reply and another one that seemed to have been sent by a human. Both ignored the questions, with the exception of lying by saying the testilying reps actually told the committee that UBC would not have stopped Lanza.

They also admitted, “Sandy Hook Promise is firmly rooted in constitutional values and as such does not support policy or legislation that poses a burden on anyone’s rights. *We do support gun safety programs and policies that can help save lives.*” (emphasis added-cb)

Heck,I went so far as to check their nonprofit status, since they appeared to be strictly 501(c)3. (Turns out they do have a C4 for lobbying.)

Just another “gun safety” victim disarmament astroturfer.

Sad Puppies Redux

Worth a read, if you have some time to spare: Sad Puppies vs Game of ThronesGeorge R. R. Martin.

TL;DR: Stop building strawmen, and answer what I [we] said.

Heh. Now I wish I’d been successful* enough to get dragged into this. Yeah, my writing tends to be libertarian (except try to explain “Snipe Hunt;” gov and corporations bad), but how would they deal with my favorite lead character: Jeanette Hunter; shotgun-toting, bisexual, black, female ex-hooker?

Maybe they’d write me off as sexist because I made her beautiful; my bad; her physical appearance was based on a real image of possibly the most beautiful woman I’ve seen, found on the Internet. Or armed.

Then there was the (also gun-toting**– Colt Trooper Mk III .357 Magnum; cut down and ported) female hero(ine) who took down an evil corporation (“Point of Honor”). Nevermind, she was Eastern Euro; I think that doesn’t count.

Caveat Emptor would have boggled their tiny pseudo-minds. How dare a libertarian free slaves… while working for an alien corporation?


* Thanks, Bruce. But Heinlein once defined good writing as that which people would buy.

** While I never consciously wrote them that way, I have noticed that my favorite female characters do tend to be armed and capable of defending themselves… like 17yo Erin (admittedly caucasian, but from a broken home if it makes the SJWs feel better) — 8mm Turkish Mauser rifle in NA. Or Alex, with a tactical nuke in BP… Oh. Wait. Lefties think nukes are evil. Never mind. Forget that the bad guys in that one were — again — evil corporationists (but then, so were some of the good guys; SJWs must be so confused).

Someone is screwing with my domain registration

FYI: Back on the 5th, my registrar — GoDaddy — billed me for web hosting. I didn’t make that purchase, so as you might imagine, I got after them immediately to cancel it. The service rep claimed that the order was placed through my online account login.

Naturally, I changed all my login info.

A few minutes ago, I was notified that my account was locked, for an unspecified reason. My guess is that someone really had managed to get into my account back on the 5th, and tried again when he saw that the domain was still pointing where it belongs instead of where he wanted. Presumably, too many failed logins locked the account.

I’ve changed my login info again.

But if you should notice that bussjaeger.org & bussjaeger.us suddenly display something other than my blog, you’ll know the SOB finally succeeded.