Duke Nukem’s Campaign: Theories

I’ve gone through a few theories about Eric “Douche Nukem” Swalwell’s presidential campaign. We’re talking about a guy who “jokingly” threatened to use nukes on anyone who resisted his unconstitutional plans before he even declared.

Every election cycle sees no-chance-in-hell candidates. Some do it for the visibility for other political plans. So kinda hope they have a chance, then drop out when they never get out of the single digits in polls.

Others are in it strictly for the campaign donations. This was my original theory about Nukie. Run a campaign. Get national donations from folks who don’t yet realize what a nutcase he is. Pack up, go home. Spend that campaign money on his next congressional election.

How effective that was we won’t know until the next financial reports get filed. But his plaintive pleas for “just a dollar, guys,” so he could get 65,000 unique donors to be sure he qualified for the debate, suggest that his fundraising sucks. Apparently he didn’t have enough donors to qualify that way.

His tweets are… well…

I think the greatest threat to the Second Amendment is doing nothing.


If Eric can clean S#*% up at home, he can clean it up in Washington…

Even his supporters find those repeated diaper videos to be cringe-worthy

In fact, his supporters (oddly, he does have a few) on Twitter are starting to tell him to give it up, shut up, and go home. The nicer ones tell him — as if he were reading replies — that this isn’t his time yet.

He barely qualified for the debates on polling, and that was based on two early polls before many Dems realized what a dick he is, and one poll that had even pundits scratching their heads. Other than that, he hasn’t gotten above 0% since; not even “< 1%”.

Polling sucks, fundraising sucks, supporters are dumping him, and he’s embarrassing his congressional district. If fundraising is as bad as hinted, he’s losing support of his own constituents; maybe to the point of facing a House primary challenger. But he’s still hanging in there. Why?

My current theory is that some other Dem candidate or candidates are keeping him in the race as their designated stalking horse. He’s no electoral threat to them, but they can use him to float things like his National Framework to End Gun Violence, and see hwo strongly people react to each element. That way, they know what’s relatively safe to push for, and what to drop like a hot potato. This theory also explains how a guy with less of a chance than Vermin Supreme keeps getting on national TV, and getting near-daily interviews; the Dem-leaning-to-the-point-of-falling-over media is in on it.

When the financials hit, the clues to look for are some max-allowed donations from backroom Dem deal-makers and their proxies. A bunch of them. Enough to make Swalwell’s campaign train wreck worth it.

That would be the — literal — pay-off for suffering through the freak show.

Of course, if the pay-offs aren’t there, we’ll know that Swalwell is merely an idiot. (Which is my current competing theory.)

Swalwell’s Cunning Plan

I’ve been going through presidential delusionist Eric “Duke Nukem” Swalwell’s A National Framework to End Gun Violence. This is the plan he presented yesterday to his almost-dozens of confused supporters.

It’s a rambling mess, intermixing gun control with various sorts of social engineering. I’m focusing on the anti-2A stuff here; the social engineering may call for another column, but only after a good, stiff drink.

The gun control take-away is:

Feel free to stop reading now. But if you are interested in Dukie’s brilliant plan, here goes.
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Spam Report

I was reviewing my blog’s spam folder. I check because occasionally a real comment gets flagged (and it happened today). I saw this one:

Greetings, There’s no doubt that your website may be having internet browser compatibility issues.
When I look at your website in Safari, it looks fine however, if opening in IE, it has some overlapping issues.
I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other than that, excellent

IE? Internet Exploder? How long has that spammer been using that text block?

Huh. There’s more people still using IE than I would have thought. When I check browser stats on sites where I’m an admin, I never see 9.20% for IE anymore. Not for years.

I suppose those sites simply attract smarter — or at least more privacy/security minded — folk than average.

How much is Bloomberg paying you, Harold?

Harold Hutchison has long been a shill for the Vichy NRA, but he’s reaching new lows. If Ammoland continues to publish his columns they should tag them “Know Your Enemy;” it’s good to know what the rights violators are planning.

Setting the Right Priorities to Defend the Second Amendment
When it comes to defending our Second Amendment rights, there are a lot of potential fights. We are seeing attacks on multiple fronts, along with efforts to move forward on some other issues. But what should be the biggest priority? Do we fight bump stock and suppressor bans? Do we focus on getting judges who will enforce our Second Amendment rights? What about the many fights at the state and local levels of government?

The problem is: I don’t see anything in there about… you know, actually defending the Second Amendment.

What is there?

  • Don’t try to pass pro-rights federal legislation.
  • Don’t try for state-level protections against corporate rights violations.
  • Don’t fight for bump-fire or suppressors.

And Harold, Trump didn’t merely “go along with an administrative bump-stock ban.” He ordered it. At the prompting of the VNRA.

And those wonderful pro-gun judges he appointed? Tell me about them. Explain how refusing a temporary stay on the bump-fire stock ban advanced the Second Amendment — or property — rights of hundreds of thousands of its victims. Tell me how refusing to hear the Kansas suppressor case advanced our Second Amendment — or state — rights.

So what does Vidkun Hutchison suggest that we do?

  • continuing the confirmation of judges” who will ignore our rights as much as “pro-2A” Gorsuch and Kavanaugh did.
  • ” ensure the re-election” of possibly the most actively anti-2A president in decades.
  • “address the abuses of power coming from the Cuomo regime – and any copycat efforts elsewhere” because they’re attacking his beloved Vichy NRA.
  • “begin work to pass laws to address corporate gun control from companies like Salesforce.”

Wait… What, Harold? You just said we should “ignore other Second Amendment issues, like maybe passing state-level protections against corporate gun control by banks and companies like Salesforce.” We’re only supposed to hold pointless “hearings [that] can put pressure on companies” without legislation, remember?

Allow me to give you the TL;DR: Surrender. Reelect a demonstrably anti-rights president. Protect the VNRA.

Fuck you, Harold.

2A: All About Muskets?

The next victim-disarming idiot who uses a smart phone connected to a computer network operating over fiber optic lines to tell me the framers of the Constitution and the Second Amendment never envisioned modern firearms, and that the Second Amendment only protects muskets is getting bitch-slapped.

James Madison, known for his role in drafting the Bill of Rights (including that pesky 2A) lived through the rise of repeating firearms, breechloaders, paper cartridges, percussion caps, metallic cartridges, pinfire cartridges, centerfire cartridges, revolvers, and mass production of firearms.

Heck, an early machinegun was pitched to the US War Office in 1812, and patented in 1813 — during Madison’s presidency (and was a refinement of a 16th century machinegun).

Yet never once did Madison stop and say, “Whoa, guys! We didn’t have any of this new shit in mind. the Second Amendment is just for muskets.”

Told you so, Winkeler

Four months ago idjit Les Winkeler dismissed any and all concerns over Illinois’ SB0337. The bill was designed to make doing business as an FFL cost prohibitive.

I disagreed with him.

So does Lost Creek Trading Post in Marshall, Illinois.

RELOCATION OF LOST CREEK TRADING POST. After 14 1/2 years Lost Creek will be relocating to our Indiana location in August. / September 2019.
The Illinois Legislature’s Gun Dealer Licensing Act is unreasonable and cost prohibitive for us at this time. As of July 14th, we will be unable to sell firearms to you in Illinois. After this date, we may remain open a short time for sales of gun related items, but no firearms.
Presently we have everything except firearms at 10% off, (in store items only).
We would like to thank our friends and customers who have supported us over the years. It is sad that because of the lawmakers in Illinois, we are forced to close our store in Marshall.

Victim disarmers win. You were saying, Les?

VA Gov pushing for rights-violations that wouldn’t even help

I’ll lead with this quote:

Ralphie ‘Coonman’ Gosnell Northam, Democrat, and Governor of Virginia needs to not let any crisis go to waste. Mainly to distract from his position on infanticide, bedsheets, and shoe polish. So he is flagging the gun ban stuff in Virginia.
– New Jovian Thunderbolt

Next up is ‘Coonman’s’ tyranny wishlist, petulantly demanded in response to the Virgina Beach murders.

Universal background checks
According to police and ATF, they traced all his guns and they were purchased lawfully. Complete with background checks. Would have done nothing.

Child access prevention
Chumbucket was 40 years of age. That doesn’t count as a child even in Virginia, no matter how childish their governor acts. Would have done nothing.

One gun a month limits
Police & ATF: The guns chumbucket carried were purchased in 2016 and 2018. This is 2019. Would have done nothing.

Banning assault weapons, including bump stocks
He used pistols. No bump-fire stocks. Would have done nothing.

Requirement to report lost or stolen guns
They weren’t stolen. Would have done nothing.

Allowing localities to ban guns from municipal buildings
Virginia Beach bans employees having guns in the building. Chum was an employee. Would have done nothing.

Red flag laws
One anonymous report indicated possible problems. The police and chum’s supervisor deny those reports. One indicator that the people speaking publicly are correct is that chum wasn’t taken into custody under… wait for it… Virginia’s existing Emergency Custody Order and Temporary Detention Order laws. (Yes, existing laws to hold people who might be a danger, but with effectively the same due process that a person arrested on criminals charges would have; due process lacking in “red flag” laws.)

Would. Have. Done. Nothing.

I don’t see it in T-Bolt’s list, but I understand that C-man also wants to ban suppressors.

Bucket O’Chum had one suppressor. He had two pistols chambered in .45 ACP. Clearly, he wasn’t letting the lack of a suppressor for the other pistol deter him.

Again, would have done nothing. To stop the crime; I guarantee they’ll rape Virginians’ human/civil rights.