My bears runneth over


Several years ago, I accidentally acquired the nickname “Bear.” (In retrospect, it should have been obvious that would happen… you’d have to understand the circumstances.) Since then, these little bears just seem to show up. In stores, handed to me in person… Three more showed up in yesterday’s mail.


And offhand, I can’t recall ever seeing another cast iron Christmas tree ornament.

The first canary drops

Updated: see below

David Codrea: A Regrettable Announcement
Over the weekend, I submitted my resignation as a content contributor to and adviser for Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Here’s why:

Last week, I submitted my article on Mike Vanderboegh’s BamaCarry speech to Newslinks, another website SAF bought. It never appeared.

It’s no secret there is hostility between Mike and Alan Gottlieb. And Mike was apparently told by some readers that Alan has forbidden articles by or about him to appear on any properties he controls.

Alan confirmed that was the reason for the piece being banned.

I regret the hell out of this, but his mandate leaves me no choice but to resign or renege on a commitment I made to readers, and most importantly to myself.

I understood why David stayed with JPFO after the Gottlieb takeover. Under the “any chair” doctrine, I even agreed…

…to the point where Gottlieb would interfere editorially — for his own ego-pumping benefit as opposed to some legitimate pro-RKBA reason — with David’s work. I expected it to happen. I was hazy on the timing, because while Gottlieb is [self-censored], David is extremely tolerant and forebearing.

David Codrea (and Kurt Hofmann) were my remaining canaries in the coal mine (after Claire Wolfe and others bailed immediately). So long as they could hold out, I would likewise hold out…. hope that Gottlieb wouldn’t finally-and-absolutely compromise Aaron Zelman’s legacy. With David’s departure, that hope is gone. I’ll be watching for Hofmann’s departure to see when the Gottliebization of the former JPFO is completed.

I expect they’re about 99.999% done now.

Fortunately, Aaron’s legacy does still live on: At The Zelman Partisans. (Hopefully they’ll pick up David’s former JPFO columns now.)

Added: I’m reminded that a third person stayed on with Gottlieb’s JPFO in an effort to keep Aaron’s dream alive: webmaster Chris. I do not mean to slight Chris by referring only to David and Kurt as my “canaries.” I chose them as public indicators of JPFO’s status. For better or worse, webmasters’ work is almost always behind the scenes, and ignored until things go Tango Uniform. We tend to forget that they are constantly working to keep things working.

I haven’t spoken to Chris personally about this issue, but from third party… well, gossip may be the word and from a little bit of previous, unrelated correspondence, my take is that Chris is every bit as principled as David and Kurt. It wouldn’t hurt to keep track of site maintenance over there to see if Gottlieb runs Chris off, too.

JPFO was Aaron Zelman’s creation (true, not alone; but he was the force behind it). Many of us respected Aaron and his work. We feel an emotional attachment to the original organization because of that,* and want to preserve it. Humans are individuals with differing reactions. Mine was to view the Gottlieb takeover as the spoiling of one site, with The Zelman Partisans being the true successor. David, Kurt, and Chris — I think — chose to keep the old body alive.

I respect their decision. Hell, if I thought it would work, I’d join them. But I know too much about Gottlieb, and my trusting nature burned out years ago. (And Bowtie Boy’s action that drove off David proves my point).

* It’s a little known damned near unknown fact that I worked for Aaron myself. In fact — very briefly — I was webmaster for the old JPFO. But I wasn’t very good at it. Chris is.

I wouldn’t let this moron manage my assets.

If I had any.

Trigger Warning: HuffPo Stupidity

The Proper Size of Government is Big
To wit, the wealthiest nations on earth include a significant public sector, bar none. There are roughly 200 countries in the world today and the 34 member nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development have the highest living standards with an average total public sector of roughly 46% as a percentage of their GDP; the United States is now about 40% and in the lower third of these major countries.

Mr. Asset Manager needs to learn the difference between correlation and causation, and proper sequence of cause and effect.

GDPs are not big because of the wonders of huge tax and regulatory burdens imposed by Big Gov. Large GDPs are the only ones that can support parasitic big governments.

For a while.

Big Gov swarms and latches onto productive economies because, as the man said, “That’s where the money is.

Perhaps Roumell isn’t really an idiot. He might just be an opportunistic bastard who pushes heavy investment in .gov bonds. You need big governments for that.

As the savant noted: Sanity is over-rated.*

“OMG, what if I run out of sanity-maintenance ideas?”
– Claire Wolfe

We’re supposed to value biological diversity, cultural diversity, genetic diversity (if that’s the same as biological diversity, why do critters get “endangered species”protection when the genetically identical population on state over doesn’t?), diversity of thought…

…well, at least so long as said thought is on the correct end of the political spectrum…

Yet somehow we’re all also supposed to maintain “sanity,” defined as thinking/feeling/acting just like everyone else.**

(Note to Claire: That dragon scarf would go well with a Jayne hat.)


* Said savant not being Cynthia Hand. While the page attributes it to her four year old novel, I know I was using the line as far back as my Air Farce days in Germany, at least 26 years ago.

Heck, maybe I did originate it, although I thought I was quoting some anonymous (or at least unknown) wag.

** So long as “everyone else” happen to be the editors/contributors of the DSM, who now think 60% of everyone is nonsane enough to require treatment; counselling, medication, or preferably both.

Did you ever dream of joining the Rat Patrol?*

Ian is selling his 1946 jeep and the Browning 1919 that goes on the [included] roll bar/machine gun mount.


OK. Not so seriously. But he really is selling it. Dare I wonder what Burt GuIan is going to replace the Rat Patroller with? M35 with a quad-mount?

* For you young snots, Rat Patrol was a broadcast network… this was before cable when there were only three networks (four, if you counted PBS)… TV… OK, television is what we watched back then before YouTube and Netflix… show about desert warfare that didn’t involve Islamic States or terrorists… except the uniformed, state-sanctioned kind… whatever.


Since at least 2001, I’ve noted that terrorists don’t have to actually attack anything to accomplish their goals of inflicting… terror. Simply announcing a patently ridiculous plot,one never intended for reality, does the trick. Nonexploding tennis shoes and self-incendiary panties are redundant.

But even that was too much unnecessary work. Why even pretend to be planning an attack, much less gather bits of unobtainium for nonfunctional ordnance ordnance? All you have to do is make a YouTube video and say, “Hey, guys; if anyone’s in the area, give a little thought to attacking the Mall of America to cripple Minnesota and bring America to its knees.”

And the panty-pissing Americns will oblige by panicking. The Mall is on “high alert.” Why, I’ll bet they even posted extra no-gun/terrorist-repellent signs.

Yep, that’ll do it.