As previously mentioned, I switched to WordPress because I can no longer reach my blog.com blog due to perpetual 502/504 gateway errors.

I can be a persistent fellow, and I’d really like to get into the old dashboard to download an archive file, so  I’ve been poking around, trying to find a way in (the 502/504 errors mean that at least one blog.com server is screwed, but other might be working, occasionally; sun spots and random deities permitting). Now, going in the normal way — ie — from the blog.com front page — doesn’t work, because their front page is apparently on one of the down servers. Go figure. Ditto their help FAQ. But using archive.org, I pulled up an old copy of the FAQ page that yielded a link to the their contact page, which allowed me to enter a trouble report.

I really should have left it at that. But noooo…

A search on “blog.com gateway error” brought me to this:

blog502Yes. They have an entire page dedicated to gateway errors, because tney have so many gateway errors that they can’t handle the flood of trouble tickets, “So for the love of God, Montresor! Stop opening tickets ’cause we know and we fix it instantly. Or sometime in the next twenty years.” Or not. Despite that immediately claim, they’ve neither acknowledged (not so much as an auto-response) my report, nor fixed the damned problem.

Also annoying is that I did some web searches on quality of service before I bothered opening a blog.com account, but didn’t find any of this then.


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