Blog changes

I can only assume that any regular reader has noticed problems with the blog displaying. At all.

I’ve been trying to use’s free service. Emphasis on trying. It’s crap, and if you are planning to start blogging, or moving to another platform, I can highly recommend never, ever even considering Why?

First, and what you probably noticed, 502 Gateway Timeout and 504 Bad Gateway errors. All. The. Frickin’. Time. And it’s worse than you think. You just couldn’t read anything. I’ve gone days without even being able to login into my dashboard.

What you probably don’t know about are the formatting issues. does very, very strange things to text formatting. Even if I use the raw HTML editor, it effing changes the code I entered. Italicization disappears. Wrong stuff gets italicized. Blockquotes are wrong. Parapgraph spacing goes to hell. Graphic placement dito.

And speaking of graphics: doesn’t just screw up the placement, it won’t display images. This wasn’t the case originally, but for the past week, if I upload an image for a post, claims it uploaded, but it inserts a breoken link placeholder into the actual post. I can’t find my images. The only indication that an image uploaded at all is that it counts against my storage allowance. The only way to get images to display is to upload them to web elsewhere, then create a hyperlink to it. But then won’t allow me even the limited and error-prone placement options of an upload.

So I’m experimenting with another platform: WordPress. The free blogging options are pretty limited. More so than (which is why I foolishly chose that one to start), but given’s problems with actual execution, I don’t think I’ll lose much if anything. While I’m experimenting with WP, expect to see some layout changes.

Supposedly allows me to export old posts, and WP allows me to import them, which would let me keep the old stuff. Guess what: I can’t get into to download the export file. 502 Gateway Timeout and 504 Bad Gateway errors. Go figure.

Feedback welcome.



3 thoughts on “Blog changes

  1. MamaLiberty September 20, 2014 / 11:40 am

    Glad I was able to load your old blog page and saw the link leading here! I’ve gotten a bounce from both of your email addresses the last few days, so had no way to contact you. Hope this works out for you. I’ve been very pleased with WordPress myself.


    • Bear September 20, 2014 / 1:01 pm

      The best I can say about emails is to keep trying.

      I have three POP/SMTP accounts. I’ve been running tests sending to each from each. The results are flaky. Some emails simply disappear with no bounce message. Some are delayed. Some go right through immediately. And it all varies. No pattern. The servers I’m using are different providers located in different parts of the world.


      • MamaLiberty September 20, 2014 / 1:16 pm

        Dang! Somebody has it in for you, it would seem. I have had emails bounce from others once in a great while, and almost never found out what the problem might have been, but it’s been pretty rare.

        One big problem I have had for the last year is not being able to manage or even see the “spam” filter contents at my ISP – since they did an “upgrade” to their system. I really HATE those “upgrades.” I’ve done everything I can to ask for their cooperation in locating the problems, and I’ve done everything I can to turn the spam filter OFF, but nothing works. So, once in a while something like an auto-response to reset a password or something like that will vanish, and I have no way to look for it in the spam filter. I lost a paying gig because the person could not send me an authorization to access their blog, and couldn’t figure out a work around. And no amount of calling, writing or pleading with my ISP seems to make any difference. They always promise to take care of it… and it just never happens. I wish there was an alternate provider available here… but we are stuck with the local phone company or a flakey wireless that would cost even more. And both are seriously expensive by today’s DSL standards. Sometimes it IS a pain in the butt to live out here… but thankfully, not too often.


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