I’m apparently not the kinda gunnie I thought

Can someone tell me what American police departments and military units equip their sharpshooters with AK-pattern rifles in .308 Win? The closest I can think of offhand is a Dragunov, but the visual similarity is cosmetic; the actions differ somewhat. And I still don’t know of any departments issuing them.

What brought that on?

I should go blog-cruising to see if the conspiracy theorists have started their Frein cop-killer false flag feeding frenzy yet. Because based on what’s hitting the lamestream muddia, there’s plenty of fodder for them. According the evolving mainstream version — supported with attributed police quotes — Frein has held a murderous grudge against police since he was arrested 10 years ago for burglary and grand larceny. He has made many threats of killing police and committing mass murder. He belongs to a paramilitary “unit that assumes the role of Eastern European soldiers“. Police found a sniper training and employment magazine in his home.

Now for some other views of those alleged facts: Frein apparently holds a grudge over what was actually a 2006 misdemeanor conviction in which he was sentenced to nothing more than time served and restitution. His friends say that not only have they never heard him make strong anti-police and anti-government statements, in fact he has recommended a career in law enforcement to young people expressing an interest. That paramilitary unit? It’s a an Airsoft club that recreates military battles on weekends with airguns that fire plastic balls. The sniper magazine turns out to be an Army manual (“Sniper Training & Employment; either FM 3-05.222 or TC 23-14, which, by the ToC, seem to be the same manual issued under different numbers). The government publishes and sells those to civilians because some of them have useful info; I’ve got quite a few in my own library.*

About that manual: I’ve done a couple sorts of military war games over the years. It’s pretty common for participants to read military publications to further their knowledge of the game. The cops also made a big deal about find “military” gear and camouflage in the Jeep. Hint: Airsoft wargamers recreating military battles. I’ve worn camo (including the makeup) more than once myself.

Police narrative: A highly trained sniper and survivalist carefully planned for 8-10 years to kill the cops he hates (but that no one but cops knows he hates), used his trusty AK-pattern sniper rifle to shoot cops, neglectfully left his expended brass behind as evidence (even though they found old brass from the same weapon at his home, indicating that he normally saves brass, as do many shooters), escaped into the woods where he skillfully managed to bog down his Jeep, and left his photo ID behind along with incriminating evidence. Yep; carefully planned over years, all right.

Funny how the cops won’t say where they allegedly found the anti-gov and anti-police statements and materials… you know- the ones his friends of years say they never knew about. They tell us about the weapon and caliber, the magazine/manual, the paramilitary “unit,” camouflage, training and skills, that he’s been on their radar as a potential cop-killer for years… but the one thing they won’t give us is the basis of that alleged suspicion.

Seriously? The guy brooded for 8 years over a misdemeanor conviction that didn’t even involve jail time beyond what he spent waiting for trial, and shot cops over it? He stated what he wanted to do, but they don’t have any proof of that to show; not even an anonymous informer?

I don’t know if Frein did it or not. But if he did, I suspect we’re going to hear about some less-than-official harassment by cops that set him off. And knowing someone in blue might be a bit dirty, they closed ranks and the blue line and are doing their best to demonize the guy who might have been targeting a little more specifically than they’re admitting.

The false flag conspiracists will love this one. I will note some differences between the reporting on this case and the Sandy Hook killings. In Sandy Hook, the misinformation appeared to be largely generated by the hairsprayheads themselves, rather than the “authorities,” in an obvious effort to scoop the competition no matter how many bogus facts they had to invent. All the weird crap was attributed to “anonymous sources” and “people close to the investigation who do not wish to be named.” In the Frein case, all the outrageous crap is being quoted directly and attributed to specific officials speaking on the record. I don’t know if the muddia learned something from Sandy Hook, or if the real spokespeople are sufficiently crazed to satisfy even the authorized journalists.

* Hmm. I have military manuals. I’ve been called a survivalist (by others). I’m a better than average shot (USAF rated me Marksman, and I shot in the top five in my department in my badge days). I own military gear (the Army has produced some decent designs for camping and field gear over the years). Heck, I’m wearing some Vietnam era pattern BDU pants as I type. I’ve been critical of cop misconduct. I even used to own a Jeep Cherokee.  Oh dear.


3 thoughts on “I’m apparently not the kinda gunnie I thought

  1. TRX September 19, 2014 / 6:05 am

    Back in the ’80s IMI sold a bunch of .308 Galils to various police departments. Most of them were eventually replaced by Federally-subsidized ARs, but some departments probably still have a Galil or two stuck away somewhere.


    • bearbussjaeger September 19, 2014 / 10:02 am

      I can see that; that was before the 1208/1033 program. A little more searching turned references to DFW airport police using Galils a few years ago, but that was in 5.56. Supposedly Ventura SD had some sort of AK-variant, possibly Galil, caliber not specified. Still seems like an odd choice for “sharpshooters.”


      • TRX September 21, 2014 / 12:51 pm

        The .308 sniper version was called the “Galatz.” Looked like an AK crossed with one of those Olympic unlimited target rifles. The SAR looked like a regular Galil and was made in 5.56 and 7.62. The Hadar II sporting rifles were also 7.62.

        As far as I remember, all of the .308 police rifles sold in the US were SARs with bipods; the Galatz is a pretty rare bird.

        There have been a *lot* of Kalashnikov-pattern rifles, including the Valmet and Saiga in .30-06, the Yugos in 8×57, Saiga, Molot, and PSL models in 7.62x54R, etc. Some had lengthened receivers, some just relocated internal bits and crammed everything inside the standard length one.

        A few years back Saiga offered a jawdropping array of calibers, at least on their web site. The .35 Remington version would have made a nice deer rifle… apparently .35 Remington has been a popular hunting round in Russia since the early Soviet days.


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