Speaking of failing schools, Nutter…

Yours clearly didn’t teach you math.

So they expect to raise $83 million per year. At two bucks per pack, that’s 41,500,000 packs sold within the Philly city limits every year. The population of Philadelphia is 1,553,165. If every man, woman, child, crawling infant, and babe in arms in the city smoked, that would work out to 26 packs per capita per year.

But not everyone smokes. Cranking all, the numbers, probably around 18% of the population smokes. Basically, around 279,570 people will have to buy 149 packs each per year to meet nutty Nutter’s expectations. I guess they’re crossing their fingers and praying no one quits smoking. Or steps outside of city limits to buy a pack.

Hmm. No wonder no states meet the CDC’s recommended tobacco control standards. Cessation is not in their best interest.

On the other hand, I see a wonderful opportunity for entrepreneurs.


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