Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder?

Ol’ Rush Limbaugh may be horrified by the very idea, but I’d pay good money to watch the confirmation process. If I had money. Hell, if I had money, I’d invest in popcorn futures.

I wonder if that would make him the the first nominee to be in contempt of congress?

Just imagine the demands that he recuse himself every time an ATF weapons case, Fast & Furious Gunwalker spinoff, voting rights challenge, cop-shooting… well pretty much everything his DOJ has gotten into during his tenure. Justice Holder probably wouldn’t have to show up for work for years at a time.

I’m no Limbaugh fan, but I sure hope he’s right this time. [grin]

(For the record, I tend toward the theory that Holder simply feels this would be a good time to get the Hell out of Dodge, now that the courts are the DOJ to release F&F papers and a Vaughn list. After all, it’s a long standing DC custom to let public sector criminals off the hook if they resign (and become lobbyists).

Holder just doesn’t want to go to jail.)


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