It’s time to cut the Secret Service some slack

Over at Joel’s blog, he notes that Obama has a little trouble with speechifying faux pas.

“Rehearsed and teleprompted, Obama can pose as one of the greatest orators in his political generation. Granted that oration isn’t what it used to be, but still. He can speak the words if they’re properly fed to him. We’ve all seen what happens when he tries to, uh, uh, uh, wing it. Frankly I’m surprised his handlers don’t use every means including tranquilizer darts to keep him from straying from the TOTUS, but sometimes he still does. (emphasis added-cb)

“I’m not criticizing that. A campaign team or an administration is like any competitive team: If you want to win, you determine your strengths and play to them. The Obama group seems to forget that at odd times, and it really shows.”

This could explain why the Secret Service is so slow off the mark to “protect” him from potential attackers- they aren’t sure which are attackers and which are handlers trying to restrain him.

Or… Heck, maybe it’s an inversion of the Dan Quayle Ploy (no one dared assassinate Bush for fear that <a href=”″>Mr. Potatoehead</a> would ascend to the Presidency). Someone might be figuring that Biden would at least be an <i>entertaining</i> incompetent.


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