Remember when I was talking about the Ghost Gunner CNC and the future…

…of metal 3D printing?

Yet. 3D printers will continue to improve. Metal and ceramic sintering rigs will get cheaper. They will work their way into the hobbyist/artist/home niche. And I still think CNC will complement them.

Meet the Aurora Labs line of multi-metal 3D printers (they just shut down their Kickstarter page and this new site is still under construction). With a model starting just under $4500, and capable of working with various steels, brass, bronze, and Inconel, this does meet my personal criteria for the hobbyist/artist/home niche. A little pricier than I can afford (a little?), but hobbyists who aren’t dead broke can be considering these gadgets. Looking at these samples… aurora-products …I think I see tooling marks. It would appear that, at least on those pieces, they’re doing some machining on the printed parts for the final product, which supports my position that gadgets like the Ghost Gunner CNC mill will very nicely complement metal 3D printing.


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