NH Repugnicans determined to step on own dicks…

…if they had any.*

‘Ugly as sin’ comment about congressional candidate creates flap
[State Rep. Steve Vaillancourt, R-Manchester] claimed Garcia, a Salem Republican, was more attractive than Kuster, a Democrat whom he referred to as “ugly as sin,” and that Garcia would win a close race because of her appearance. He also cautioned that his post may offend people.

It’s true that by my own standards, Marilinda Garcia is very good looking and Annie Kuster is… well, “ugly as sin” is generous. But why that should matter** in choosing someone to supposedly represent your views in making laws beat the hell out of me. It also baffles me why – in PC 21st century America – any politician with enough brain cells rubbing together to maintain breathing reflex would say that. In public. On the record.

That’s going to put off people who might have voted for Garcia. That’s consistent with the NHGOP trend, I guess. They pushed the carpet-bagging, gun-grabbing, Masshole Brown on Rep voters. Heck, for the first time in ten years, the NHGOP is sending me campaign flyers… for Brown. They got my address from my letter explaining that if they nominated him, I’d never voted for a Republican again for any office at any level. So as you can see, I don’t have a dog (sorry, Kuster) in this fight. The only flyers I’ve seen for Garcia are coming from the Democrats. (I phrase it that way because one guy, on reading the Dem’s anti-Garcia flyer, decided he’d vote for her.) The NHGOP is apparently doing absolutely nothing to support her.

What one looks like is not under her control (short of surgery… or I wish someone had told me). Perhaps Kuster should be judged on her brains…. never mind; she’s dumber than a box of rocks,and unless she was self-inflicting TBI via blunt impact, that wasn’t under her control either. But that qualifies her for Mickey D’s hire-the-mentally handicapped mainstreaming program, not high legislative office where she can ruin everyone’s lives. Kuster’s politics are under her control, and her opinions and positions are more than sufficient reason to get her the hell out of DC and into therapy.

Garcia seems to be reasonably bright. Some of her political positions suit me (some don’t, but are still better than Kuster’s). If she weren’t a Repugnican, I would have voted for her. (I told her that, and suggested she leave the GOP to run as an independent.) That GOP thing is a show-stopper.

But for Sekhmet’s sake, I came to those conclusions based on candidate records and statements. I didn’t check Tinder for political babes.

Not too many people would admit to making their political choices that way, and would even pretend PC outrage at the possibility. So Vaillancourt just did his NHGOP best to sabotage Garcia. I suspect it was intentional.


* Being a dick is not the same thing as having a dick. (For the PC crowd, note that “dick” is an allegory for gumption, courage of convictions, and polite behavior; it is not genital-based, and applies to either any gender.)
** In fairness to Vaillancourt, it does matter. In a world of dumbed down voters who don’t research issues, and politicians who simply lie about their views anyway. I recall more than a few Dem woman voters who said they voted for Bill Clinton because they thought he was handsome (it’s OK when Dems do it). And we know what neurally-challenged Gwyneth Paltrow thinks about Barrycade Obama (see?).


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