Salon: Still wrong. Always wrong.

“As more kids in U.S. die from guns than cancer, NRA is fighting basic safety measures. Now doctors are pushing back.”



Per the CDC, 1,311 real children (aged 0 through 17) were killed in 2011 (last year data available) with firearms, all intents.

Cancer? Rather more: 1,960.

Child cancer deaths are half again higher than firearms deaths.

For fuck’s sake, Salon; it took me about 60 seconds to pull up that data. Where did you get yours? Pull it out of your ass?

Pretty much. They say “children,” but then immediately refer to “children and teens” to pump up the numbers. At nineteen, I was an Airman First Class (E-3) in the the Air Farce.

Still, Salon didn’t think the numbers were impressive enough, so they bait and switch to “children and young people (1 to 24 years old)”. At 24, I had already been a Staff Sergeant (E-5) for a year, and been supervising other personnel (not to mention toting around a full auto M-16 on duty). But according to Salon, was only a child. I stopped reading at that point, but based on past experience, I assume the rest of the article is at least as wrong.

I wish people would stop linking to Salon. Sometimes I don’t realize where the URL leads before I click, and they aren’t nearly as entertaining, nor as accurate, as The Onion.


One thought on “Salon: Still wrong. Always wrong.

  1. mamaliberty2014 October 15, 2014 / 3:58 pm

    Indeed… and the “all intents” thing just adds to the confusion if not broken out. Then, of course, is the problem that none of what they want to do would reduce the numbers… and they naturally ignore the great possibility that those numbers would increase.

    Because the numbers are a tool, not what they are concerned about, of course. They want you and me disarmed, permanently and totally… and they don’t care at all who has to die to accomplish that.


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