Gun Owners of America has posted their 2014 candidate ratings.

goa-2014-nhI didn’t even know there was a Lib running for the House in my district. Looking at his web site front page, it appears he hasn’t done an update in more than seven months. Not that it matters. I wouldn’t vote for him anyway. A “libertarian” with a C rating on RKBA? But wait! There’s more. If you checking his “political opinions” page, you’ll find that he is pro-government provided healthcare (it looks like he just thinks Obamacare wasn’t done right).

You wouldn’t know it from the ratings, but there’s a Lib allegedly running for the Senate, too. I guess he couldn’t even be bothered to answer the GOA questionnaire. He must be busy updating his web site… umm… never mind; he hasn’t done that in five months.

I don’t get these guys. We have a situation in which people are getting pretty disgusted with the two headed Repubmocrat party. It’s tailored-made for a third party to step up with decent options. But the Libs do not campaign. When a libertarian-leaning guy like me, who actively involves himself in politics, doesn’t even know a Lib is running, there’s a serious problem that can’t be blamed on the usual “Wah! The media won’t give us coverage.” For Ghu’s sake, I know of Libertarian candidates running for assorted offices in other states.

If they aren’t going to run, why are they running?


One thought on “Libertarians…

  1. mamaliberty2014 October 19, 2014 / 10:25 am

    Takes money to campaign. Takes campaigning to raise money. In many cases, it took serious money and campaigning (signature gathering) to even get on the ballot. I worked with the LP in Calif. for many years, and most of that time no LP candidate even entertained the idea he/she might actually get elected, so the entire process was supposed to be a vehicle for teaching libertarian principles to the prospective voters. (Yes, a serious contradiction in terms as far as I’m concerned now.)

    The question remains, then and now… why “run” if you don’t intend to campaign, whether or not you expect to “win.” A non-campaign still costs money to some extent.


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