Potential Darwin Awardee

I like browsing through Instructables, the DIY/maker/how-to site. Sometimes I run across useful ideas. Mostly it’s just entertaining. But it also seems like every time I drop by, there’s something infuriating.

Like Ludvic’s (the ‘ible author) “warning” in How To Clean And Distill Dirty Water.

Distill water is not suitable for drinking, because don’t have the nutrients of common water.”

Ludvic, if you’re actually dependent on the nutrients in dirty water, I am forced to assume that you’re attempting to subsist on a diet otherwise consisting solely of Ramen noodles and diet Pepsi.

Cruise that site for a while and you’ll also find stuff like how to use your telephone jack as an electrical outlet for free power for household appliances. Or an assertion that nails are iron and thus cannot be annealed or tempered (in a metal-working article). Or buying fifty bucks of components (and I mean buy, because even the authors admit it is not stuff they would normally have laying around) to “improvise” something they could purchase for five bucks…

…to save money. Not just to do something to see if they could. To. Save. Money.


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