Your vote [doesn’t] count

And people are worried about phishing and Nigerian scammers.

In Allenstown, generous vote leads to even higher taxes
Town Administrator Shaun Mulholland said he thinks energized voters accidentally denied the proposed budget without realizing it had been worked down to be smaller than the default budget. The result is a significant spike in the town’s tax rate, which is already one of the highest in the state.

I’d change that headline form “generous” to “duped.”

You see: this is why your vote counts. You can vote to approve the budget, even if you think there’s unnecessary stuff in it. Or, if you disapprove of the unnecessary stuff in the budget and vote it down…

You get hit with a “default” budget you don’t get to vote on at all, that’s even higher.

Either way, you lose, and the overpaid “civil servants” of a town with one of the highest tax rates in the state win. (Naturally, those “servants” are not required to live in town and pay those taxes.)

Hmm. So they got slammed with a “default” 9.3 percent increase…

…when the feds claim that the inflation was only 1.7%.

Sometimes I almost wish I were a conscienceless sociopath, with no moral compass or ability to do basic math or evaluate economic consequences, so I could make a comfy living like that.

I like how town admin Mulholland justifies rationalizes the town’s confiscatory taxes by whining that they’re, “in a unique position because Bear Brook State Park takes up most of its land – and produces no business or property taxes;” conveniently failing to mention that the town also doesn’t have any expenses from that park. Hey, Shaun; my town doesn’t produce any taxes for your town either. Better raise your rates again.

And save more money by not holding town meetings anymore, since they don’t matter anyway.


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