That was interesting…

…in a morbid sort of way.

We had an extended power outage the other day, followed by phone and Internet failure in the middle of Sunday night.Being an old telecom tech,  and knowing something of the local network, I assumed that the remote hut/SLC lost power and didn’t come back up… a tripped breaker, with the backup batteries running down.

The phone company – Fairpoint – said it was probably my inside wiring (BULLSHIT) and they might get around to it Saturday.

Knowing what it really was (Fairpoint probably should have hired me back while their union workers are on strike), I expected interesting things.

And got them. This evening, the town fire department showed up. Someone finally notified EMS that there was a widespread phone outage making it impossible for people to call 911 by landline (this is a big deal in the PUC/E-911/FCC world), so they were coming out in person to inspect and tell people how to reach them in an emergency.

Go figure. Once PUC/FCC/E-911 was involved, Fairpoint suddenly discovered that they had a problem… easily solved by resetting the tripped breaker.

I’ll be sorting through about 8 billion spams. If you’ve emailed me, be patient.

(Side note: Nick of LFD- Good job. Thanks for coming by.)


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