He’s lucky they didn’t shoot him…

… for proving that he’s smarter than the teacher.

School Suspends Student After Mistaking Batteries For…
“A high school student in Sikeston, Missouri, was suspended Tuesday after downloading a photo of a gun to his iPad and having two batteries with the labels torn off, causing some to mistake the batteries for bullets.”

Sikeston teachers have to do a lot of malf drills for some reason.
Sikeston teachers have to do a lot of malf drills for some reason.

According to comments on the Sikeston PD F******k page, it was apparently the teacher who mistook batteries for “bullets” (not cartridges?).

My bet is that the batteries are rechargeables. My older rechargeable cells often start peeling the sheathing; since it usually doesn’t affect performance, I just peel the junk the rest of the way off so it doesn’t get in my way.

But still: Batteries = “bullets”. Presumably because they’re both metallic and vaguely cylindrical. But that standard, I have 13 “bullets” on my desk now: 3 flashlights, two screwdrivers, a paintbrush, and 7 AA cells.

But he downloaded an evil picture of an evil gun. You want to know how easy that is? Go to the main page for ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, and NBC News. I just did it, and three out of the four had pictures of guns (mostly all for-real assault rifles – or so I judge from the military context) right there. By definition of how Internet data transfers work, I “downloaded” those gun pictures.

[sarc] Rumor has it that the teacher involved has detected 8 F-15 fighters (student and faculty cars with rear spoiler “wings”) on strafing runs, 4 UFO invasions (Jupiter, Venus, a meteor, and a low-flying aircraft), and thousands of Improvised Explosive Devices (soda bottles in the cafeteria trash, which could be filled with lye and aluminum foil). The governor is considering calling out the National Guard to deal with the escalating UFO violence, while parents are demanding mandatory faculty drug screening.[/sarc]


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