This is why I’m not a successful entrepreneur

See? I would never have thought of designing an emergency defense gun only for right-handers, in a suboptimal caliber, with no iron sights, and shitty ergonomics.


That curve to fit the body… I guess. If you happen to have the body it was designed for. Too skinny? Might as well have a conventional sidearm. Too big? I suspect that it would be even more uncomfortable than a normal gun.

.380ACP? Seriously? For most folks I hang with, .380 is for backup, not primary defense. And arms in .380 can be, and are, made small enough that you don’t need to curve the damned thing. That thing’s over-engineered and over-priced for that role.

The lack of iron sights isn’t that big a deal, since a handgun of that size in .380 is best suited to ranges that almost make sights redundant. But rather than accept that, they went and stuck a laser in there?

My guess is that they made something with so limited a market that a few will be sold to a handful of people with lots of spare cash and an inclination to buy “the latest thing” (they probably still have boxes of pet rocks), and collectors who want to add to their “can you believe this” set.

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there are millions of right-handers who want to stick a DAO striker-fired gun into their pants with no holster (at least .380 won’t do too much damage).

I’ll be offline for a while. Hopefully for no more than a few days, but you never know.


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