Mea culpa: I was tired

Tired enough to sit down in the closest available seat which happened to be in front of the TV showing Faux Snooze. I saw…

Justifications rationalizations for torture enhanced interrogation:

1. Torture is OK because they don’t always use it.

2. Torture is OK because fictional Jack Bauer used it in a fictional TV show to find a fictional nuke. (Yes, they’re still using the 24 excuse; apparently they can’t find a real world example of torture doing the good they pretend it does.) That was Supreme Cross-Dresser Scalia. He also thinks it’s tough to condemn torture because… ya know… What if you could do horrible things to someone to accomplish a good? Apparently if you’re a high judge, that’s a hard question answer.

For normal, non-pyschopathic folks, it’s pretty easy: If you really, truly think you have to use torture (demonstrably unreliable in obtaining accurate information) to save a few million imaginary people from an imaginary nuke on TV (hey, they’re the ones who have to fall back on that for lack of factual examples of effectiveness), then go for it…

…and accept the consequences. Trial. Conviction. You can rest easy knowing you saved a TV life and were moral and ethical enough to take what was coming to you. If you really saved lives, you can be convicted, and then they can take your motivation and results into account during the sentencing phase of your trial.

3. Torture is OK because [and this gets scarier than the other crap] it’s constitutional because the Constitution doesn’t forbid torture. That whole “cruel and unusual punishment” thing? That doesn’t apply to torture during interrogations. It only applies to punishment administered after a trial.

Seriously. The psychopathic bitch said that.

Mason and Paine would be surprised to hear that.

If that idiot bitch had her way, backroom rubber hose beatings in your local police station would be back in vogue, and blessed by the courts (Scalia is apparently on board). It’s OK, because they beat you half (or completely) to death before your trial. All’s fair in love, war, and the Fox News Police State.


One thought on “Mea culpa: I was tired

  1. mamaliberty2014 December 16, 2014 / 7:48 am

    Seems to me that people need to seriously think about why they think torture of human beings is acceptable, but mistreating a dog is not…

    Neither one is acceptable, of course.


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