If it were my TV, I’d have shot it by now.

Apparently the “Sony hack” is big news. At least for the lamestream muddia (who simply deplore the attack even as they mine the emails and docs for incriminating (and ratings boosting) trash on Sony. Oddly enough, the lamestreamers don’t consider it news that this isn’t exactly the first attack on Sony. In fact, the company has been hacked more than fifty freaking times.

I guess it isn’t news that the boys never learned any info security lessons from the first 49.

Too bad the hairspray heads didn’t find Sony’s hack of 22 million customers noteworthy. Oh… wait…

Customers don’t buy advertising airtime.

Never mind.

Other “news”: Obama normalizing Cuban relations. Apparently it’s “unconstitutional” for Obama to open talks with Cuba. Granted, the embargo is law, and Congress is supposed to change that, but how the hell do these Faux idiots expect any international agreements to be made if there are no international talks?

I’m morbidly amused by the claim that no talks/prisoner exchange/trade status changes should be made unless it directly benefits the Cuban people. Left unaddressed is how 54 years of embargo helped said people.

Face it; the embargo amounts to US politicians attempting to out-talk Castro.

You really want to help the Cuban people? Get both sets of government out of the way, and watch individuals work to benefit themselves and each other.


One thought on “If it were my TV, I’d have shot it by now.

  1. mamaliberty2014 December 20, 2014 / 8:42 am

    Indeed… and, of course, that would work out the same anywhere in the world. The one thing most holding back human peace, prosperity and joy is non-voluntary government of every kind.

    And all people really have to do to end it is to opt out, stop supporting it, stop believing it has any authority over them. No other revolution necessary.


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