So the leftists at Takepart are pushing CDC gun control again…

…now that they got their anti-gun Surgeon General. Surprise.

Why Don’t We Study Gun Violence the Way We Study Car Accidents?
Critics say the CDC’s failure shows a lack of backbone. Will a new surgeon general stiffen it?

We do.

One big reason for the absence of such data is that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been operating for more than a decade under a virtual ban against doing the work.

Nope. PUBLIC LAW 104–208 does not ban research. It bans federally funding for advocacy and promotion of gun control. No restrictions on research. See above RE: lots of research.

The restriction has been interpreted ever since to mean that no government research can be conducted on how guns affect health…

Bullshit. If that were true, it would be the first time in history that a Dem (or Rep, for that matter) administration interpreted a law that didn’t address gun control/victim disarmament research to mean they couldn’t push victim disarmament. Note that Murthy was confirmed by the lameduck Dem senate because he pushes victim disarmament.

The CDC points to a lack of dedicated funds as the reason it doesn’t do more work in this space. Shortly after the research ban was imposed, Congress yanked from its budget the amount it had been spending on gun violence research.

But the feds somehow found the money to figure out if gays live close to tobacco stores.


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