Cheaper Than Literally* Ships Dirt

A lot of folks still hate CTD for their semi-auto stupidity of a couple years back.

Good News – The Internet still hates Cheaper Than Dirt…
I still stand by my personal boycott of Cheaper Than Dirt…. and the rest of the Inter-webs apparently still agree too. This type of thing will not be tolerated. lol Nice try, CTD, but the internet is forever. You can still go piss up a rope.
(watch the video)

As it happens, I hate CTD myself. But it predates the AR furor or their insanity-level profiteering on mags and such.

I used to like them. But a few years back, I placed an order. Among other things, it included some storage boxes.

The storage boxes showed up… filled with several pounds of dirt, jacking up shipping costs. And really, I didn’t need dirt; my location had plenty.

But I suppose the extra dirt was to make up for the items they never did ship, but which they charged me for. Never could get them to make it right. I wasn’t inclined to do business with them again after that.

Hah. Like I had a choice. A few weeks later, I noticed a charge on my credit card for several hundred dollars. From Cheaper Than Literally Dirt. Logged in, found an “order” which I hadn’t placed, for stuff I wouldn’t want. Immediately started emailing and calling, trying to get them to cancel the fraudulent order. No response. In fact, it took days to get anyone to answer the phone.

And the oh-so-helpful bitch who finally took my call refused to cancel the order. She explained that when it arrived, I should go through the contents and see if there’s anything I don’t want, that I could ship that back (at my expense!), and then they’d consider refunding my (stolen!) money for those items.

As best I could figure from her largely incoherent babble, CTLD considered hanging on to customer credit card data and “ordering” stuff for customers to be a value added service. They’d picked out stuff they thought I might want.

My next emails/phone calls went to the state Attorney General, with CTLD info’d.

The unordered/unwanted crap still showed up (and first they tried reiterating their “pick out the good stuff” BS), but they finally provided a prepaid Fedex return shipping label. After I told them their boxes were sitting outside in the rain, because I refused to touch them lest the scammers claim that meant I’d accepted them (something they kept trying to get me to say). It took the better part of two more months to get my money back.

So forget the freaking boycott. I won’t ever do business with CTLD again. And to make sure of that, the credit card number (which I expect they still have) was canceled, too.

* No. Not hyperbole. I don’t mean figuratively. They shipped dirt.


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