Gallup Poll: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Extend Run as Most Admired


“Americans continue to name Hillary Clinton as the woman living anywhere in the world whom they admire most, and name Barack Obama as the man they admire most. Clinton has held the top women’s spot in each of the last 13 years and 17 of the last 18, with that streak interrupted only by first lady Laura Bush in 2001 after the 9/11 terror attacks. Obama has been most admired man in each of the last seven years, beginning with 2008, the year he was elected president.”

No word on which spacetime continuum was polled. Clearly, it wasn’t this one. Does Gallup even keep track of their own polls? I know they don’t read the news. Ever.

Quick show of hands, please: Who among my readers actually got called for this “poll”? Who knows someone who got called? Who knows of someone who got called? Did they score hysterical laughter as approval?


One thought on “Gallup Poll: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Extend Run as Most Admired

  1. Chris C. January 1, 2015 / 8:37 pm

    I am convinced, based solely on the observation that most Americans seem to equate being well-known (being a celebrity) with admirable qualities and/or accomplishment. Even people who couldn’t name any other elected fool purporting to represent the area in which they live will have heard of Obama and Hillary. So, since they see those two on the television all the time, they must be important, right? If they are important, and the voice-over they hear is positive, those two must have admirable qualities, right? Then you watch the (gotcha) videos of college students being asked what Hillary has actually done, and what you get is blanks. (Yes, I was gullible and inexperienced when I was in college, too. But nowhere near that bad. Reading Heinlein is a good vaccine for believing the crap spewed by politicians and media types. Mencken is even better.)


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