The Testament of James, Part Twoish

UPDATE: See the generous offer below in comments.

Now that Vin Suprynowicz’s new novel, The Testament of James is on sale, people are taking notice, like Tom Knapp who notes that this is something a little different.
Go buy a copy. You’ll like it. I did. Just two notes:

1. If you’re tired of libertarian screeds disguised as fiction, you’ll like it.

2. If you want to really test Vin’s adherence to the principle of nonaggression, read a couple of pages then dismiss it as, “Oh, that’s a rehash of The Da Vinci Code.” No, it isn’t. Keep reading. You’ll like it.

Disclosure: I have copy #12, for which I did not pay cash. I do, though, think I earned it, as observant folk can figure out. I receive no recompense for recommending the book, which you’ll like.


One thought on “The Testament of James, Part Twoish

  1. Cat January 1, 2015 / 10:46 pm

    Thank you for that, Carl. You certainly DID earn your copy. [grin]

    Part of what’s different about “The Testament of James,” IMO, is that it ought to be readily accessible both to non libertarian readers, and libertarians — as Tom Knapp says, it’s a good story. 🙂 If anything, hardcore libertarians may find it wanting on that account … but Vin has “been there, done that,” for a long time — I’m delighted to see him having fun with “something a little different.”

    Yeah, the “Da Vinci Code” references do get old rather quickly — then again, that book was a huge hit and it seems like an inevitable (if perhaps sometimes dismissive) comparison. So it’s hardly insulting, and frankly I can’t see it coming from anyone who’s actually READ “The Testament of James” halfway through — aside from the understandable “OMG, people will THINK this is another Da Vinci Code based on the title” sense, which I think we’ve seen.

    It does seem extremely odd (and I’m not sure what it says about our culture) that all of a sudden Dan Brown (I’m sure he’s a great guy, he’s obviously a popular author) is a touchstone on matters relating to the historical Jesus … as if no one who wrote on the subject beforehand or has written since, could possibly have anything new or different, or relevant to say? WTF? Seriously?

    Vin sent his mom — an 88 year old CT democrat — a copy of TToJ (I haven’t asked if she got copy #2, #5 or #11, or what) … and I’ll be darned, she actually called us to say she’d read it and liked it. Talk about your unexpected endorsement — if she’d read any of his earlier books, it’s news to me. And if she had, I suspect she’d have called to argue politics, not to tell us she’d enjoyed it and concede that maybe Vin was “on to something.” A different sort of WTF?, that.

    It would be too bad for anyone to dismiss TToJ as a Da Vinci Code knock-off, which it’s not. And much as we’d like to SELL copies of the book, I hereby invite the first 10 readers of Bear’s blog to email me — cat (at) — for a free copy of “The Testament of James” ebook. Please specify whether you wish the MOBI (Kindle) or EPUB edition, and I’ll do my best to oblige. Then you can decide how accurate (or not) the “Da Vinci Code” comparisons are for yourself. Offer good from 1/1/15 to 1/15/15. Tell us Bear sent you.

    Happy New Year, everyone. 🙂



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