Figures can lie, but some liars can’t even figure.


“When it comes to gun ownership in the United States, nowhere comes close to the state of Wyoming. With 196 registered firearms for every 1,000 residents, it ranks as America’s most gun-friendly state by a considerable distance.”
“Washington, D.C. comes second on the list of per capita gun ownership with 66 firearms per 1,000 residents. Arkansas rounds off the top three with 42. At the opposite end of the scale, Delaware , Rhode Island and New York have the least registered guns, with 4.2, 3.8 and 3.3 firearms per 1,000 residents respectively. “

So much wrong.

Of the states listed on that chart with “registered firearms,” only one (sorta: DC isn’t a state, which non-morons would know) actually requires registration of all firearms (so does Hawaii, which isn’t charted there). The others? No general registration.

Those figures are either pulled out of “data journalist” McCarthy’s unwiped ass, or he’s looking at the very few items that do get registered: machine guns. The latter I doubt.

ETA, 1/8/15: Apparently it was based on NFA (machines and destructive devices). To tell the truth, I’m not surprised that DC ranks high in machine guns… to arm bodyguards for all those politicians who want you disarmed.

And Wyoming only has one gun per five residents? I detect that distinct excretory tract stink again. More rational estimates are that 60% of Wyoming household have at least one gun. If the folks I know there are even on the trailing side of the bell curve, it’s probably more like five guns per one resident.

I notice that he doesn’t even mention New Hampshire, which generally vies with Vermont every year for the lowest violent crime rate in the country and most residents have more than one gun safe for all their firearms.

And I’m still not letting this crap go unchallenged either:

“Around 90 people are killed by guns every day in the United States, adding up to a grim total of 32,000 every year. “

Killed with guns by people. Guns are not sentient, not alive. They are inanimate tools that only do something when operated by an external force like a person. Now it’s true that a lot of people die by gunfire every year (33,563 in 2012 according to the CDC). But two-thirds of those are suicide (20,666 in 2012). Who here believes that someone so determined to kill himself that he succeeded would have said, “Whoops. Guns’re bad. Guess I better not kill myself after all, since there’s absolutely no other possible way to do it.”?


One thought on “Figures can lie, but some liars can’t even figure.

  1. Joat December 8, 2015 / 11:06 pm

    I’d be a bit surprised if there aren’t more guns than people in Wyoming.


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