Wouldn’t that violate the zero-sense tolerance no-weapons policy?

Confirmed: The letter is real.

David Codrea links to a very odd BuzzPo report:

School Requests Students be Armed with Canned Food Items to Thwart a Possible School Shooting
The W.F. Burns Middle School has just taken one gigantic leap into the realm of brain death. They’ve actually sent out letters to parents requesting canned food items be sent to the school with students to be used as potential weapons, in the event of a possible school shooting.

I’m thinking “hoax.” That letter is dated January 9, yet managed to get sent to parents, forwarded to BuzzPo, and published January 9?


There’s nothing about this on the school’s web site that I’ve found. The only reference to it that I see on their Facebook page is a sarcastic comment from someone else.

Even better, close examination of the picture of the letter shows a lot of artifacting around the text, but without the same sort of artifacts around the letterhead. More, some of the individual characters are not aligned properly with adjacent characters, suggesting sloppy cut&paste. For that matter, the “from” header appears to read “Priscella Holley, PrOncipal”. (It’s properly spelled “principal” under Donna Bell’s (assistant principal) name.

Maybe it’s real; I’ve seen dumber stuff from alleged professional educators. But I’m withholding judgement for now.

Update, 1/12/15: Despite several inquiries posted by others on the school’s Facebook page, I’ve yet to see anything from the school confirming or denying the letter’s authenticity. I just sent an email to PrOincipal Holley requesting just that, as well as some background on her thinking should the letter be real.

Update 2, 1/12/15: I’m sorry to say that it’s starting to look like the letter is real.


3 thoughts on “Wouldn’t that violate the zero-sense tolerance no-weapons policy?

  1. ClareB January 10, 2015 / 9:59 pm

    Beans and spinach do not come in 8 ounce cans. I say hoax.


    • Bear January 10, 2015 / 10:35 pm

      Tomato paste, mushrooms, water cress… some stuff comes in that size. But I still think it’s a hoax (inspired by the idiot group who may have actually advocated this a couple of years ago).


  2. MamaLiberty January 11, 2015 / 9:09 am

    Never even thought about a hoax, but I can see that’s probably the case.

    But there are certainly 8 oz cans of most vegetables, as well as mushrooms and tomato sauce. They cost as much or more than the larger size, so are not terribly popular. I’ve purchased a few for camping trips where I would have no refrigeration for leftovers.


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