Moron posts stupid comment on Twitter…

complains that his comment was taken out of context.

Last I heard, Twitter was limited to 140 characters. What frickin’ context, fat boy? If you want to establish context, maybe you oughta produce another loser “documentary.” Your last one was… what; going on six years ago, and opened in a grand total of two theaters? (Hmm. “[F]inal domestic total was $14,363,397.” Sniper has already made 105 megabucks in four days. I think I see Moore’s real problem with the flick.)

And apparently Seth Rogen thinks covert assassination is just plain, clean fun, but a sniper with minimal support hitting targets in combat, and taking return fire, is just nasty propaganda. (Kudos for the quick Godwin’s Law invocation, Killer. Damned good thing your cinematic bomb suddenly got all that convenient publicity, or it never would have made even that piddling $5.4 million. Huh. Even less than a Moore crapfest. Your envy is showing.)


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