So there’s this network hairspray head that got caught lying



Truthfully, before all this, if you’d asked me who “Brian Williams” is, you’d have gotten a blank stare. The name was vaguely familiar, but…


All in all, though, my reaction is: Someone still believed plastic-bobblehead “news” reports?

Says here that Brian Munchausen Williams works for NBC.That’s the same NBC that faked crash tests with exploding trucks (part of a “news” industry-wide habit of blowing up vehicles), altered the Zimmerman 911 recordings to make him a racist-epitaph spewing nutjob, passed along the rescuepig video, and faked a homeless person.

Wee Willy’s just trying to fit into the Not-really Broadcasting Corp news culture. He’s supposed lie. The more outlandish, the better.


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