It’s about time for Windows to go

For various reasons, the computer I use most still runs Windows (Vista, Bog save me). Microsoft is determined to see me switch this one to Linux, too.

Windows updated again. And seriously screwed up Cleartype font smoothing. To the point that text in some applications is almost unreadable (and semi-legible in other like Pale Moon). I reverted the system to pre-update, then did a security-only update, figuring that it was the Windows update proper that did the damage.

Nope. Screwed up the smoothing again. Why in the hell would a security update affect font smoothing?

I have two software packages that are available only as Windows apps. I need them. So far, they appear to run well under Wine in Linux Mint. I’m going to stress test them over the weekend. If all goes well, I’ll completely wipe my Windows partition and install Mint on this machine.

(Please don’t suggest that I upgrade to Win8. I’ve heard certain horror stories. I know people switching to Linux because of 8. It’s time to dump Windows completely.)


7 thoughts on “It’s about time for Windows to go

  1. TRX February 13, 2015 / 6:54 pm

    It’s not all perfection with Linux, but at least there’s more than one distribution to pick from.

    There are web sites that can tell the difference between Firefox on Linux and Firefox on Windows, and sites that only work with IE on Windows. Some of them, unfortunately, are ones my wife needs to access to change HR stuff with her employer, so I keep a copy of Windows installed in VirtualBox.

    There’s still not CAD software worth a flip for Linux, so I use VirtualBox for that.

    Fedora and Ubuntu are very popular, but I recomment openSUSE. Their Yast tool makes configuration changes much less painful than most distributions.

    Gack… it was 21 years ago I did my first Slackware install… other than an occasional Windows VM, I’ve been Microsoft-free since 2002.

    Your big decision is “KDE or Gnome.” I like KDE, but you have to go into the configuration program and turn off all the wiggly-jiggly effects to keep from getting seasick. Gnome 2 was okay, but Gnome 3 is just weird.


    • Bear February 13, 2015 / 9:17 pm

      Barring unforeseen Wine difficulties this weekend, I’ve already settled on Mint 17.1. I’ve been running it on another computer for a while. I’ve worked with assorted distros since Red Hat 5.0, and Mint is the first one I’ve really been happy with (straight Ubuntu wasn’t bad, but had a couple of peculiarities that Mint has sorted out).

      I haven’t really done anything with CAD since the early ’90s (used to generate SCA armor patterns), so that isn’t a prob. I do need good graphics editing and manipulation,but GIMP lacks the TIFF support I absolutely need for my pro work, and I’ve gotten very, very used to a freeware editing package that’s a lot easier on me and system resources than GIMP. As mentioned, my Windows apps seem to be running fine in Wine.

      Some of the IE-only web sites might be a concern. Usually when I hit one, I find they weren’t even worth starting IE for. But I’ll still have another computer with Windows, so I can go to that if I get desperate.


  2. MamaLiberty February 14, 2015 / 10:44 am

    I guess I should have tried the Mint, but was so sick of fooling around with things I settled on Fedora. It’s not bad, but has some quirks that make my life less fun and interesting. sigh

    One of them is related to gimp. Previously, with gimp I could download my photos and they were saved as jpg files. Now gimp saves them as .xcf and I must do any editing and resizing, save them and then “export” them as jpg – which saves them to the same directory. Sometimes it works… and sometimes it doesn’t. I also can’t manipulate the size or shape of the pictures as I was able to do before. There seem to be “defaults” built in that I can’t find a way to overcome. Not the end of the world, but frustrating at times. I want to take a photo from my files, shape it to fit my header at the blog, but so far it just doesn’t work. Of course, I’ve never been anywhere near proficient with graphics, so it’s probably more me than the software… but it does seem strange that I used to be able to do a lot more with it than I can now.


  3. Bear February 14, 2015 / 11:57 am

    For basic image editing/resizing, you might be better off with something less comprehensive than GIMP. I assume Fedora has a software repository you can browse for graphic/image editors (possibly under “software manager” in your start menu?).

    Another option is Phatch (, but I don’t see an rpm for it on the download page (, so you have to follow the Linux install instructions there, which gets into stuff I don’t think you like to do. You’re probably better off checking the repository for packages that will auto-install for you.


    • MamaLiberty February 14, 2015 / 12:07 pm

      I did look at that, but couldn’t discover anything more useful. Installed two things, but they were even less help than gimp. Just going to live with it now. I can do my photos, round about as the process is, and I don’t do a lot of that anyway. It’s just a bit frustrating to find that a program that used to work better, no longer does what I need it to do. sigh And no, I’m not even going to try to install something manually. The “instructions” are mostly greek to me. 🙂


      • Bear February 14, 2015 / 12:28 pm

        “The “instructions” are mostly greek geek to me. :)”

        FIFY [grin]


        • MamaLiberty February 14, 2015 / 1:05 pm

          Exactly! LOL “Geek” is mostly greek to me. 🙂


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