When Microsoft* has to fix your security [f@@k]up…

…you… should know that you have well and truly [f@@k]ed up on a scale that boggles the mind of anyone with an IQ over 53.

Microsoft Steps In To Clean Up Lenovo’s Superfish Mess — While Lenovo Stumbles And Superfish Remains Silent
Microsoft just took a major step towards rooting out the Superfish bug, which exposed Lenovo users to man-in-the-middle attacks. Researchers are reporting that Windows Defender, Microsoft’s onboard anti-virus software, is now actively removing the Superfish software that came pre-installed on many Lenovo computers. Additionally, Windows Defender will reset any SSL certificates that were circumvented by Superfish, restoring the system to proper working order.

Sadly for users, Lenovo and Superfish execs are not in the class of people-smart-enough-to-chew-gum-and-maintain-breathing-reflex-at-the-same-time.


* Yep. That Microsoft. Really.

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