As the savant noted: Sanity is over-rated.*

“OMG, what if I run out of sanity-maintenance ideas?”
– Claire Wolfe

We’re supposed to value biological diversity, cultural diversity, genetic diversity (if that’s the same as biological diversity, why do critters get “endangered species”protection when the genetically identical population on state over doesn’t?), diversity of thought…

…well, at least so long as said thought is on the correct end of the political spectrum…

Yet somehow we’re all also supposed to maintain “sanity,” defined as thinking/feeling/acting just like everyone else.**

(Note to Claire: That dragon scarf would go well with a Jayne hat.)


* Said savant not being Cynthia Hand. While the page attributes it to her four year old novel, I know I was using the line as far back as my Air Farce days in Germany, at least 26 years ago.

Heck, maybe I did originate it, although I thought I was quoting some anonymous (or at least unknown) wag.

** So long as “everyone else” happen to be the editors/contributors of the DSM, who now think 60% of everyone is nonsane enough to require treatment; counselling, medication, or preferably both.


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