The first canary drops

David Codrea: A Regrettable Announcement
Over the weekend, I submitted my resignation as a content contributor to and adviser for Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Here’s why:

Last week, I submitted my article on Mike Vanderboegh’s BamaCarry speech to Newslinks, another website SAF bought. It never appeared.

It’s no secret there is hostility between Mike and Alan Gottlieb. And Mike was apparently told by some readers that Alan has forbidden articles by or about him to appear on any properties he controls.

Alan confirmed that was the reason for the piece being banned.

I regret the hell out of this, but his mandate leaves me no choice but to resign or renege on a commitment I made to readers, and most importantly to myself.

I understood why David stayed with JPFO after the Gottlieb takeover. Under the “any chair” doctrine, I even agreed…

…to the point where Gottlieb would interfere editorially — for his own ego-pumping benefit as opposed to some legitimate pro-RKBA reason — with David’s work. I expected it to happen. I was hazy on the timing, because while Gottlieb is [self-censored], David is extremely tolerant and forebearing.

David Codrea (and Kurt Hofmann) were my remaining canaries in the coal mine (after Claire Wolfe and others bailed immediately). So long as they could hold out, I would likewise hold out…. hope that Gottlieb wouldn’t finally-and-absolutely compromise Aaron Zelman’s legacy. With David’s departure, that hope is gone. I’ll be watching for Hofmann’s departure to see when the Gottliebization of the former JPFO is completed.

I expect they’re about 99.999% done now.

Fortunately, Aaron’s legacy does still live on: At The Zelman Partisans. (Hopefully they’ll pick up David’s former JPFO columns now.)


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