Clinton Email Curiosities

Updated 3/9/15: see below

While preparing dinner, I heard a TV hairsprayhead assert that Hillary Clinton’s law-breaking private email system was hosted on a machine in her home. I wondered, and did some checking.

Bear in mind that this is based on the “” domain that I’ve seen reported in the what-passes-for-American-news.

A tracert on the domain goes to a server in the Virgin Islands. Offshoring her email to keep it out of the hands of the feds? That sounds like the Hillary we know and loathe.


So who appears to be hosting that?

A company calling itself “Confluence Networks.


I wanted to know more about them, so I hit their website.


That’s it.The whole website. All of it. One page with not a single link.

Funny thing about email, though. Your email server doesn’t have to be physically co-located with your web server. So another search turned up the MX entry for ol’ “”:

A tracert on that terminates at, via a machine cheerfully named To me, not really knowing the company’s naming structure, that suggests the email server is in DC. That sounds about right, since I believe the Clintons have a residence at 3067 Whitehaven St NW, in DC.

So much for that idea. yadda.yadda.yadda translates to IP That appears to be physically located in North Carolina, with a company called MX Logic. Just guessing from the name, but I’ll bet th‏ey’re an email provider.

Which they are; part of McAfee, once of antivirus fame, now more of a system resource dinosaur. At least Clinton picked a company that claims to have some security experience.

So her email machine is not in her home. But at least it’s not in the Virgin Islands. Right now. But why the heck did she park her domain offshore? And if she was going to break  federal laws on official records retention to hide her emails, why didn’t she offshore the email server? Arrogance? Technical illiteracy? All of the above? the server send me a

Updated 3/9/15: I got curious again. The above looked like the server is in North Carolina, but… Wait! I know a way to check that.

I sent an email to Hillary. Really. Sort of. I sent it to “” I knew it would fail, but the question was, “Would the server send me a fail message?”

It did, which gave me the full routing header. What it now looks like is that the above-mentioned NC machine is a sort of proxy front end for the machine. If I had a static IP address, that isn’t how I’d set up my own email system, but it does have certain administrative advantages. It positions MX Logic/MacAfee to filter all of Hillary’s inbound and outbound email traffic for spam and malware. And to completely archive all of it. All. Of. It. That is exactly the service MacAfee provides.(Never mind all those third party IT techs and off-shored Indian help desk types with access to the account so they can do things like reset passwords and restore mail archive backups.)

I’m a-thinkin’ someone oughta drop a subpoena on MacAfee for those archives.


One thought on “Clinton Email Curiosities

  1. MamaLiberty March 6, 2015 / 8:39 am

    I still can’t figure why anyone, even someone as idiotic as Hillary, would send incriminating email at all, much less archive it – regardless of where or how. What is the point of carefully preserving stuff that can be used against you? Even if they are so arrogant to think nothing could be used against them… Just doesn’t track.


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