One last bit on Hillary’s email adventures

I got interested in this as a technical curiosity; wondering just where her server is, and where archives of her correspondence might be hiding. I knew that no one was ever going to hold her responsible for her criminal activity. If past experience wasn’t enough, there was that odd focus on whether she signed an OF109 separation statement, as if that made the difference in whether or not she had committed a crime (perjury, if she signed, since she didn’t turn over documents for years).

Now that the State Department says there’s no record of her so perjuring herself, the whole kerfluffle goes away, right?

Yes. But if we were still pretending to be a nation of Constitution and laws, it wouldn’t. Regardless of the Heisenbergian existence of the OF109, the federal records retention laws allow for personal email to be used for official business with prior permission, but require all such emails to be turned over to the government. At the time of HRC’s time as Secretary, any such email had to be turned over within 60 days (last I checked, that window has been reduced to 20 days).

By HRC’s own admission, held on to roughly 55,000 pages of emails for two years past her exit from State. For the calendarically challenged, that’s a little lot past the 60 day limit. If anyone in DC were actually concerned with implementing transparency and responsibility, the OF109 doesn’t matter: Clinton already copped to a felony. Presumably several thousand felonies, since I’m guessing that the 55,000 pages were not just the longest single email in nongovernmental history.

Per the DOJ,“The unlawful removal or destruction of federal records (18 U.S.C. 2071)” is a crime. Felony, and permanent disqualification for any public federal office…like, say, President.

Yep, disqualification/removal from office. Unlike the run of of the mill felony, which doesn’t necessarily keep convicted criminals out of Congress, this is one that would shut down Hillary’s presidential dictarship dreams.

No brainer; she already admitted the crime. If you’re into rhetorical questions, or even asking supposedly tough questions of your… pardon the phrase .. “representatives” in Congress, you might wonder why the Republicans aren’t pushing this.

If you’re realistically cynical like me, you know why.


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