How many people actually read it?

Indiana’s new,so-called “religious freedom” law, that is.

My father keeps the TV on and tuned to news all day, so I can’t help but hear the whining about the law. And it’s spattered across most of the online news sources I check. Mostly I’m hearing that it allows businesses to discriminate against gays (think gay wedding cakes), or that it was merely sloppily written and might allow such discrimination.

But no one — with the exception of Pence, who offered snippets of the language — is actually quoting the law.

So read it. Including the title cover sheet, it’s less than four pages. It doesn’t mention business conducted between private parties. It does state that the chapter refers to “state action.” That is, it requires that restrictions on religious practices by the state government be imposed only when no other way can satisfy a “compelling governmental interest” and even then must not “substantially burden” the individual.

Unless Indiana has a law that forces nuns to run brothels, bakers to bake groom-groom cakes, or some other dumbass intrusion (and requires you to patronize such), then this law doesn’t apply to businesses and would-be customers.

What it would apply to: One of the better examples I heard today was the Jewish Passover requirement of drinking wine. The person noted that if he provided those four cups of wine to his 20 year old son, he could be subject to prosecution by the state for contributing to the delinquency of a minor [sic]. This law would be an affirmative defense for a required religious practice.

Too bad we have a nation of infants who whine for laws regulating what real adults would consider common sense, and whine louder when the laws don’t discriminate against who they want abused.


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