Sad Puppies Redux

Worth a read, if you have some time to spare: Sad Puppies vs Game of ThronesGeorge R. R. Martin.

TL;DR: Stop building strawmen, and answer what I [we] said.

Heh. Now I wish I’d been successful* enough to get dragged into this. Yeah, my writing tends to be libertarian (except try to explain “Snipe Hunt;” gov and corporations bad), but how would they deal with my favorite lead character: Jeanette Hunter; shotgun-toting, bisexual, black, female ex-hooker?

Maybe they’d write me off as sexist because I made her beautiful; my bad; her physical appearance was based on a real image of possibly the most beautiful woman I’ve seen, found on the Internet. Or armed.

Then there was the (also gun-toting**– Colt Trooper Mk III .357 Magnum; cut down and ported) female hero(ine) who took down an evil corporation (“Point of Honor”). Nevermind, she was Eastern Euro; I think that doesn’t count.

Caveat Emptor would have boggled their tiny pseudo-minds. How dare a libertarian free slaves… while working for an alien corporation?


* Thanks, Bruce. But Heinlein once defined good writing as that which people would buy.

** While I never consciously wrote them that way, I have noticed that my favorite female characters do tend to be armed and capable of defending themselves… like 17yo Erin (admittedly caucasian, but from a broken home if it makes the SJWs feel better) — 8mm Turkish Mauser rifle in NA. Or Alex, with a tactical nuke in BP… Oh. Wait. Lefties think nukes are evil. Never mind. Forget that the bad guys in that one were — again — evil corporationists (but then, so were some of the good guys; SJWs must be so confused).


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