Something’s Up

I’m sure other people noticed. But something unfortunate… appears to have happened today. Not being directly involved, I’m not privy to any details beyond… something unfortunate appears to have happened.

But watch this space. When I can, I’ll post more.

Hint: It may involve a notorious RKBA compromiser. ‘Nuff said. For now.

Update: Actually… don’t expect updates. I’m still not privy to details, but folks in the know — who have built up a lot of credibility with me over many years — say it’s being handled quietly by those directly concerned, and it may be a good thing for the RKBA movement in the long run.

If, repeat if, it’s what I’m half-assed guessing at, they’re right, I may find personally satisfying in addition to freedom-promoting, and outside interference might screw the pooch.

So I’ll shut up and let those who know what they’re doing do it.

I apologize for the premature melodramatic foreshadowing. We now return you to your regular programming


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