Dear Gullible People,

If you see panicky posts about the “NY Times” report about California banning all .45 ACP ammunition, please note this:


For the slow people, I’ll once more provide a partial list of satire/humor sites which the intellectually challenged commonly mistake for real news.*

  • The Onion
  • Daily Currant
  • Duffel Blog (c’mon, people; that’s about as obvious as … The Onion)
  • National Report
  • Nashua Telegraph**

* “Real” for some definitions of reality conformance. Think NBC (Williams, exploding trucks, rescue pigs, homeless guy), ABC (exploding cars — what’s up with lamestreamers blowing things up?), CNN (nerve gas), everybody on Sandy Hook, and so on and so forth. For the love of factuality, regardless of the source, fact check!

** True; NT does bill itself as a real newspaper. But if you believe their reporters, Nashua has more machine guns per capita than Tikrit, and reporters are not supposed to do anything but parrot what police department spokesweasels tell them no matter how obviously false.


One thought on “Dear Gullible People,

  1. TRX April 20, 2015 / 9:57 pm

    Given a choice between “real” mainstream news and The Onion… I think I’ll take The Onion. At least it makes sense…


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