Merry-Go-Rounds and Terrible Implements

From Vin Suprynowicz:

Going after the green-tip
Does anyone else get the feeling that a familiar ritual is being re-enacted here? “We held them off this time, but the battle’s not over, send more money now”?

The BATF announces some plan to further erode our God-given, Constitutionally-guaranteed right to keep and bear every type of arm that could be of military usefulness. The various “gun rights” groups (which never actually seek to have a law like the Gun Control Act of 1968 thrown out as unconstitutional) race to the barricades. The BATF announces they will “hold off” or “delay” or “suspend” their latest effort to further disarm us. The “gun rights” groups declare victory and happily count all the new cash they raised during the latest “emergency.”

Aside from information on recent events, there isn’t much new here, but being Vin, he puts it all together well (with useful references).

I know that merry-go-round well. Since I’m a little slow, I didn’t really catch on to the NRA’s antics (i.e.- pushing every threat to RKBA as a fundraiser… even if they have to write the threatening laws themselves* or kill the good ones**) until more than twenty years ago. The NRA/ILA/PVF has never gotten a single devalued zincky*** from me since.

The last real uncompromising RKBA group that got money from me was The Zelman Partisans, true successor to Aaron Zelman’s JPFO vision; a vision totally abandoned by JPFO when it was bought out after Aaron’s passing by Gottlieb… who happens to be one of those Vin notes as using the situation as a lucrative fundraiser. (I’m also willing to support Gun Owners of America; but I have little money and felt the need to back up my brave words on the JPFO/TZP situation with what I do have.) Gottlieb makes his living from compromise.


* The NRA wrote an “assault weapon” ban for Columbus, OH, just as one example.
** The NRA sent its first rep in years to New Hampshire to kill a “constitutional carry” bill we finally had set to pass both houses after years of work.
*** Compare a pre-’82 copper penny to a new dot-gov approved counterfeit.


One thought on “Merry-Go-Rounds and Terrible Implements

  1. TRX May 7, 2015 / 6:18 pm

    > ** The NRA sent its first rep in years to New Hampshire to kill a “constitutional
    > carry” bill we finally had set to pass both houses after years of work.

    They did that in Georgia… must be 20 years ago, now. And they were in Arkansas pressing for a gun registration scheme when Arkansas finally got concealed carry. The NRA actually got that one passed – you had to register any gun you intended to carry – but the legislature got rid of that shortly after.

    With friends like the NRA, we don’t need any enemies…


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