UPDATED: I think I’ve figured out Tracfone’s business model – Go OUT of business

Update 4, 6/9/15: Oh,dear Bog…The stupidity, it burns! Tracfone is going to collapse into a singularity of stupidity.
Update 3, 6/8/15: Apparently they’re deliberately trying to piss me off now.

I moved, and wanted to change my Tracfone number to a local number (I’m posting detailed updates on the carnival of corporate cluelessness there, since I gave the business office that URL). Their automated online system doesn’t work. Their online “Chat” can’t be found. “Chat”may be available when logged into my account, but my account login no longer works either. Their 800 help line burned up over 47 minutes minutes of my airtime to no avail; their idiot rep finally demanded another non-Tracfone number to call me on. I only have one phone.

So far, all their “assistance” consists of trying to get me to call them or letting them call me, all burning up my airtime.

When they already have all the information they allegedly need to change the number…

In every reply back and forth.

Clearly, they make their profit by wasting customer airtime on BS, so the customer has to buy more minutes just to talk to Mom, etc.

Go read for details.


3 thoughts on “UPDATED: I think I’ve figured out Tracfone’s business model – Go OUT of business

  1. MLB June 8, 2016 / 10:25 am

    The Tracfone model can work and has worked for me – had a tracfone cell phone for 10yrs & a smartphone for 3, but things began going downhill recently. They had a poor system of sending messages showing users available minutes. They tried to post users available minutes on a screen, but most of the time it read “oops something went wrong! Try again later!” A couple weeks ago all that disappeared without explanation along with the airtime expiration date. Now you have to log in to an overly & unnecessarily complicated Account Downloader that i could not get to work. It asked for my phone no (like they dont have it?) but when i entered my number, it wouldn’t accept it. Then i entered my email to have them send my password – but the app said it didnt recognize my email, despite the fact that tracfone had sent me a customer satisfaction survey (ironically) at that same email just a few weeks ago. I finally was able to talk to a customer service person about all this and they have done absolutely nothing about it – no explanation, no text, email, nothing. The concept of a prepaid phone works & I really like my LG tracfone, but their totally inept administration & so-called customer service will eventually destroy the company because customers will simply go elsewhere.


    • Bear June 8, 2016 / 11:02 am

      I had the same problems contacting them. Only after filing FTC and PSC complaints could I reach anyone with a clue and any interest in fixing their problem. Sorta. I still can’t log in to my account: email not recognized even — like you — it’s the one they send spam to to.

      How old is your LG? If it’s a 2G phone, you might be caught up in the shift to 3G as the wireless carriers are phasing out 2G support. From the horror stories I’ve heard, you might be better off simply buying a new phone and switching your number to it. Theoretically, Tracfone will provide new 3G phones to customers with 2G, but in practice, they’re slow about it, and the phones they give have less capability than the older ones being replaced (keyboards, mainly).


  2. Anonymous May 2, 2017 / 9:30 pm

    Their business model is to make it impossible to transfer services, so then you break down and buy a whole new service plan to set things up the way you want.


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