Thousands Standing Around… and Over-worked?

DHS Internal Watchdog ‘Deeply Concerned’ Over TSA’s Screening at Airports
The Department of Homeland Security’s internal watchdog says he remains “deeply concerned” about the Transportation Security Administration’s ability to keep terrorists and other threats off airplanes, a blunt assessment offered one week after ABC News first reported that an undercover investigation of TSA revealed a 95-percent failure rate to detect mock explosives and banned weapons at security checkpoints.

At the same time, Johnson and others at today’s hearing noted the difficult work of TSA’s 50,000 officers, who screen nearly 2 million passengers and 3 million carry-on bags each day. (emphasis added-cb)

One, it was closer to a 96% failure rate.

Two, judging by testing reports I’ve seen over the years, TSA isn’t getting better. They aren’t even treading water. They’re getting progressively worse in these test runs.

Three, a little something to think about. TSA has never, ever caught a terrorist. When FBI trumpets every little sting in which they conned some mentally deficient, incompetent, impecunious dweeb into carting a rented car across town (on the Feebs dime), and the ATF brags about busts of similar types even as they lose their own automatic weapons and forget to pay their own bills… The TSA has never announced having stopped a terrorist.

So: TSA can’t find their asses with a backscatter scanner, much less a terrorist, and yet — somehow — there has not been a single terroristic incident involving a commerical flight originating in the US.*

You think that “terror threat” has been a little overblown?

Four: Take another look at that emphasized quote. 50,000 morons groping 2,000,000 victims per day averages each TSO assaulting 40 per 8 hour shift, or just five per hour. Less than 8 carry-ons per hour.

For a fun comparison, I once worked in a sonar factory. I had to physically inspect, electronically test, tag, log each into a database, make final assembly, and pack units. All at a 100% rate. By myself, I was expected to complete a minimum of 250 units per shift, not counting units that failed QA. On a good night, my count would go over 350.

I could wish my job had been as slow and leisurely as a TSO’s. And as well paid.

And could the constitutionalists among us point out where the Constitution explicity authorizes the feds to sexually assault** 2,000,000 people a day?

* The shoe and panty “bombers” were on flights originating outside the US, neither had an actual working explosive device (even according to the feds), and both were suppressed by passengers rather than gov agents.

** Disgusting factoid: I also worked in a prison, among my unfortunate duties was strip searching inmates as they were brought back into the prison from outside work details (think the chain gangs picking up trash on highways). Even for that — searching convicted criminals for weapons — we didn’t grope crotches )non-strip searches were different). Ghu, I’m glad I regained my senses and got out of there.


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