DrekFone: Excuses, excuses

The saga continues. New excuses prompted by PSC & FTC complaints.

I filed PSC and FTC complaints last night. This morning I received yet another email. This one purports to come from a person with an actual name: Kimberly Filardi, who according her LinkedIn profile, is a “Sr. Mgr at TracFone Wireless”.

Mr. Bussjaeger,

I will assist you with your requested number change to zip code [redacted]. Since this zip code is in a new market, your phone will require a new SIM card.

Please provide me with a shipping address and I will have one sent to you overnight via Fed Ex. Once you receive the SIM card we can proceed with changing the number on your device.

Thank you,
Kim Filardi

Points for 1) addressing me politely and 2) actually giving a name that seems to be real.*

Points off for only now determining that I need a new SIM for a reasons that makes no sense as given. More points off for doing so after PSC and FTC complaints.

My reply:

Dear Ms. Filardi,

As a telecommunications technician with decades (more than twice the time shown on your LinkedIn profile) in the field (RF & lightwave transport, switch, broadband support, network operations, and related support activities — even a call center where I dealt with customers so upset that they made bomb threats, without terminating their calls) I confess to some confusion as to why a device purchased in early May IN THIS [redacted] MARKET requires a new SIM card to operate in this [redacted] market. I wonder if you require all customers who purchase TracFone devices in the [redacted] zip code to spend weeks wondering why their phones don’t work, only to finally be told they need something _else_ to make it work.

I also find it darkly amusing that you suddenly discovered this new reason why the change failure isn’t your fault immediately after I filed PSC and FTC complaints.

But — as the weeks I’ve already spent on this issue before filing said complaints demonstrate — I am a patient man; it took those weeks of jerking around and repeated rude and incompetent behavior and outright lies (that the number _had_ been changed) by your reps to finally drive me to a single profane word. I’ll play this a little longer.

Shipping Address:
Carl Bussjaeger

My reply went out at 11:05AM EDT. “We” will see.

* During the Verizon/FairPoint transition, I had to deal with Verizon’s Indian call center reps. They had been assigned “American” working names to use instead of their real names, thinking that would fool customers into believing they were talking to Americans in America. It was pretty darned funny to get a call from some gruff, bass-voiced Indian calling himself “Angela.” Seriously. Someone handing out fake names had a sense of humor.


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