I can fix that.

Seems the feds want to diversify the country. No prob.

Let's not forget our first Jewish President.*
Let’s not forget our first Jewish President.*

In a world where you are whatever you think you are, regardless of verifiable external, physical, objective reality, all they need to do is take that list of 60-odd race variants from the American Community Survey, divide the US population equally among them, then randomly assign everyone in the country a “race” by lottery.

Then you do the same with “religion”.

The real fun comes when we hand out the list of 11-12 — and counting — “sexual orientations. I can’t wait until Al Sharpton discovers he’s a White Jewish Lesbian…

And Bill Clinton (our first black president) is turned on by it.

Welcome to America, Land of the Free The Jerk

* You did hear that one; right?
Added: And Michelle Antoinette is the first Muslim First Lady, which — even aside from the usual conspiracist stuff — must make for an interesting home life for the Obamas.


2 thoughts on “I can fix that.

  1. MamaLiberty June 13, 2015 / 3:30 pm

    Oh Bear, that is entirely too funny! I giggled until I thought I’d hurt myself. Unfortunately, this falls into the category of telling little boys not to put beans in their nose… LOL


  2. TRX June 16, 2015 / 8:09 am

    The NAACP has never rejected whites from membership. Some of the founding members were white.

    I applaud that they celebrate tolerance and diversity by accepting crazy people too!


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