Well, that’s one way around the PLCA*

Chicago group sues 3 communities over gun store regulations
Two mothers who lost sons to gun violence joined ministers and an activist Tuesday in a lawsuit against three Chicago suburbs, alleging that weak oversight of gun shops has allowed criminals to easily obtain weapons flowing into a city besieged by gun violence.

If this were heard in any normal jurisdiction, tossing it out with prejudice would be a no-brainer. In Chicago?

But one hopes that defendants quickly download “TRACING THE GUNS: THE IMPACT OF ILLEGAL GUNS ON VIOLENCE IN CHICAGO” from the city’s own web site. In the document, you find

  • 60 percent of the “crime guns” don’t even come from Chicago, much less those particular targeted towns.
  • The city borrows an unwarranted assumption from the ATF that any gun recovered at a crime scene within three years of its initial legal FFL sale was probably illegally trafficked. That would include a perfectly legal gun — bought by an IL FOID holder through legal sale by an FFL with NICS background check — used by that proper owner to shoot a home invader.
  • Even at that, 88% of the “crime guns” recovered that actually trace to gun stores in the targeted communities aren’t within the bogus 3-year window of “illegal trafficking.”

Meh. Chicago admits that their real gun source problem isn’t those towns/stores. But I can tell them exactly where their real violence problem is.

* The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms law, which forbids frivolous lawsuits against the folks actually involved in the lawful commerce.


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