” Results suggest that nearly all [‘real vampires’] were distrustful of social workers and helping professionals and preferred to “stay in the coffin” for fear of being misunderstood, labeled, and potentially having to face severe repercussions to their lives.”

Yes. It isn’t enough to accept guys self-identifying as women, or privileged white women self-identifying as blacks. Or white-eye senators self-identifying as American Indians.

Now we have to be accepting of vampires. (Someone is reading too much Anne Rice, and watching too much Twilight. I have a sneaking suspicion that whatever inspired vampire legends around the world was not a handsome, chatty, angsty escapee from a romance novel dust jacket.)

Hint to PC mental health therapists: If your human patient thinks he’s a blood-sucking predator of the night, dependent upon the bodily fluids of the living to continue his damned existence, fearful of sunlight, maybe the problem is that he thinks he’s an immortal blood-sucking predator and not that we don’t “understand” him. Try curing him.

I’ve joked, and seen a lot of other people do so, that Bluetooth headsets were a godsend for schizophrenics who heard “voices,” because people would see the headset and figure the guy babbling in public was conversing with someone real rather than reptiloids from Arcturus. Then a medical professional explained to me that psychiatrists and psychologists were actually telling their schizoid patients to wear them, so they could be mainstreamed to wander the streets.

I suppose these clowns will lobby for blood banks that let “vampires’ open accounts to make withdrawals. (Congresscritters, already feeding at the public jugular, will probably go along, even adding real blood to welfare benefits. Or maybe that would fall under Obamacare.)

I’m not sure who’s crazier: the patients or the doctors.

Shoot, I want to self-identify as an independently wealthy hermit, and demand that they give me the resources to live the dream.

Added thoughts:

So being a blood-drinking creature of the night (with all the medical issues — blood-borne pathogens, potassium imbalances, etc ) is fine, but objecting to that is Oppositional Defiance Disorder and requires treatment.

If they can be vampires, can I carry a stake and hatchet and accept them on my terms?

If we cater to this element of reality-detachment, what happens when they continue to lose contact with reality and become an on-going danger to everyone (damned right I’ll have that stake).

(Hat tip to Never Yet Melted.)


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