A question for the vets around here

How many more years would you be facing in Leavenworth if you’d been caught sending SCI material through unencrypted email using your own non-TEMPEST server at home…

…through a commercial service that automatically archived everything?

(I’ll be nice and assume you did your own admin work, instead of relying on some guy without all the compartment clearances doing backups, defrags, AV software installs…)

Bonus Points: Describe the judges’ reactions to you — hypothetically, of course — explaining that it was OK because you hadn’t bothered appropriately marking the emails with classified data.

I’m also thinking of starting a betting pool regarding recipients of the classified data:

1. Number with any clearance.
2. Number with TS.
3. Number with actual compartment clearance for the relevant data.
4. And, of course, number with no clearance.


One thought on “A question for the vets around here

  1. wdg3rd August 12, 2015 / 8:27 pm

    Never knew about the existence of email when I was in. I know now that forms of it existed before I got out in ’78, but it was the ass end of ’80 before I first logged into a Radio Shack CompuServe demo account. (At Travis, they used 300bps fax systems to send hot work orders a quarter mile down maintenance row along the flightline).


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