Can you spot the problem here?

Can you spot the problem here?

Waterloo Police VCAT Unit seizes 200th firearm
WATERLOO | On Wednesday at about 1:30 a.m., officers with the Waterloo Police Department’s Violent Crime Apprehension Team (VCAT) conducted a traffic stop with a vehicle for an equipment violation in the area of West Fourth and Wellington streets.

[rhetorical question]Why does an Iowa town of 68,406 people need a SWAT VCAT* team to write traffic tickets?[/rhetorical question]

Seems like their crime rate is slightly lower than my town’s, yet we don’t see SWAT teams pulling people over for license plate lights being burned out.

* Update: I stand corrected. VCAT is not the WPD’s tactical unit. They’re just paranoid enough to think they need a VCAT and a SWAT unit. Actually, if you read the VCAT page, you’ll see that they got feddie tax dollars to hire more cops, and that’s apparently all they could come up with to justify the grant application.


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