TDS Nontelecom

My sister has Internet and phone service from TDS. Specifically, she has 1.5Mb/sec DSL. She’s not entirely happy with it.

TDS advertises a stand-alone 20Mb/s fiber optic Internet service. TDS has fiber running down the street. The head is approximately 40 feet from her house. She can’t get it.

Despite the fact that the advertisement doesn’t mention the restriction, nor is it mentioned in the order process (in fact, the automated, online system accepted her order for 20Mb/s), TDS will not sell the service to existing customers. The only way for an existing customer (even one who only has phone service) to get fiber Internet is to buy an Internet/Phone/Satellite TV combo package. Said package includes Dish TV. My sister once had her own Dish account but dumped it because Dish was too expensive. She sure as hell doesn’t want to buy a Dish combo package now.

So she gets by on that piddling 1.5Mb/s DSL line.

Until today. She got a notice from TDS that they’re increasing the price on her dinky line by some 25%. But…

They happily tell her she can dodge that price increase if she’ll just buy an expensive Internet/Phone/Dish TV combo package.



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