Resisting the urge to shoot my computer


One thought on “Resisting the urge to shoot my computer

  1. wdg3rd August 23, 2015 / 1:28 pm

    Carl, you can’t put this many items into one post. It’s a bitch to reply between WordePress and the Silk browser on this Kindle. Especially if I have to keep jumping to the links.

    First is a “study” involving 41 unsuccessful wannabe welfare mothers, 30 fags (no mention of the range between 15 couples to 30 single men and most men gay or not know how a uterus works) and 24 lesbians. I know that groups two and three can make arrangements, been common since at least the 70s. I prefer to brine, but even I own a turkey baster.

    Item 2, depends on the clothing (if I choose to die via suicide-by-cop, I’ll see if I still have a set of fatigues with USAF buck sergeant stripes, don’t think so after almost four decades). Shooting into a target-rich environment, slashing in a close crowd. Let’s talk about suicide bombings. Few Americans who have all their fingers by high school graduation (dumb luck on my part) blow other people up while standing next to them, they prefer to be either high above or as far away as they can manage, like on a different continent.

    I’m ignoring item 3, Hitlery is less computer savvy than any of my cats. Yes, I can configure procmail. I miss uucp and bang paths.

    Line 4, rather than Biden, we could go with his predecessor and have a turkey shoot or whatever the guy thought he was aiming at.

    Line 5. Everybody ever stationed at Travis AFB left inbred children in Fairfield. If they didn’t spawn their own, they imported siblings. (I knew the town well, 3.5 years at Travis — town library had two books on air-guns, base library had zero, town library had two novels by William C. Anderson [Col, USAF, rest] that the base library didn’t have, most CONUS bases had a complete signed set, I recommend them, brother Bear, they’re set in the days of a slightly simpler USAF than we had to deal with).

    Line 6. Every human ever born is somewhere on the Kinsey scale. Few are perfect zeroes, few are perfect sixes. I will admit without shame to being a one on that scale.

    Line 7. Anybody with brains and/or money dodged the Vietnam draft. The draft ended a year before I turned 18, but I wound up enlisting in the USAF as less risk of dying in a swamp.


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