Doggie Dreams… or something like that.

Listening to some music, I suddenly heard…

The damned oddest sort of… hard to describe. Refrigerator malfunction? Police siren in the distance? Small ailing banshee?

NOTA. My sister’s dog — a Yorkie — was attempting to howl like a wolf. In his sleep. It sounded pretty much like you’d imagine a Yorkie-sized wannabe-wolf would sound.

I’d been told about his sleepy time howls, but this was the first time I’ve actually heard it.

I would consider locking my door, should his carnivorous instincts take over, but he — demonstrably — can’t even jump up on my bed.


Freaking call of the wild. Buck he ain’t.



One thought on “Doggie Dreams… or something like that.

  1. wdg3rd August 28, 2015 / 1:38 am

    Not a fan of that canine subspecies of yap dogs. Janet has two of them and during our relationship no part of my body below the mid-calf was safe. Nor was any part of my auditory subsystem. Love her, love them. Pretty much showed how that relationship turned out. But she did help me work through a few bad months.


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