I admit it- I’m weak.

I’m going to address the HRC email situation again.

  • Per the DOJ, “The unlawful removal or destruction of federal records (18 U.S.C. 2071)” is a crime. Felony, and permanent disqualification for any public federal office…like, say, President. Yep, that permanent disqualification is a specific penalty for that specific crime.
  • HRC has publicly admitted that she sent her emails to the State Department well after she left office; far beyond the — then, during her tenure — 60 day limit to comply with 18 U.S.C. 2071 requirements. That is: She has publicly admitted being a criminal.
  • If anyone gave a damn, on the basis of those above points, she would already be under felony indictment.
  • Investigators have already stated that they have found — so far — over three hundred emails containing classified information (allegedly as high as TS/SCI).
  • She has carefully maintained that she never sent or received anything marked as being classified.
  • Those with access to classified information are required to protect it, including any data which may be classified but is not so marked.* Those believing material is improperly classified may challenge the classification. HRC did none of the above.
  • Providing classified material to anyone not cleared to receive it is a crime.
  • HRC provided those improperly marked, classified emails to — at least — her lawyer, the uncleared company that maintained her server and copied files, and probably an Indian call center.

She’s a criminal,she’s admitted to being a criminal, and there’s obviously sufficient evidence of even more felonious activity specifically on her part to justify yet another felony indictment.

Hasn’t happened. Ain’t gonna happen.

Now, as a purely rhetorical exercise, ask yourself (and you congresscritters) why it ain’t gonna happen.

* At one time, I had to handle certain classified documents. Some of the data in those documents could be used in unclassified material, some couldn’t. Some could if limited to a certain amount, but exceeding a threshold based on various criteria required classifying it as high as the original source document.

At times, I would be brought certain of that data as if it were unclassified. As part of my job, I was required to consider the possibility that it should be marked classified. Sometimes, it was OK as unclassified, but a couple of times I realized a threshold had been crossed, had to break out the stamps and logs, and get it into the approved safe. Even when I sometimes thought the classification by the rules might be stupid. I still had to handle it as classified until-and-unless the classifying authority approved downgrading it.

It was a nuisance, but I did it because I had agreed to do my job in compliance with the rules, regulations, and laws regarding classified data. So did HRC, if she actually held a real clearance; it’s in the paperwork you have to sign to receive a clearance.

Of course, if she didn’t have a real clearance, someone else will should-but-won’t be going to prison for those disclosures.


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