Methinks someone is stuffing the CT confiscation database with bullshit.

More than 51,000 assault rifles registered in state
A third firearms enthusiast keeps nearly 544,000 high-capacity magazines.(emphasis added-cb)

Let’s assume those are just pistol magazines. The volume for those alone, without any packing, just crammed in together, would be around 1900 cubic feet. Call it a 14′ X 14′ storage building crammed to the rafters. Not impossible.

But I want to see his gun safe.

Heh. Back when they passed that, the goons estimated that around 500,000 people had weapons to register. If we assume that each person only had one apiece, that ain’t much more than a 10% compliance rate. But there’s that one guy with 175 alone…

Take that as the high end, and 1 as the low: average of 88 weapons per capita. That would be just 580 people, some of whom clearly are, as mentioned, shoveling BS into the system. A compliance rate of just 0.11%. But the numbers are so screwed up the only thing we can tell for sure is that their little registration ain’t working.



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